Guess How Many Guns Were Found At TSA Checkpoints Last Year

A resident of Putnam County, W.Va., was stopped by police following a discovery by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents at West Virginia’s Yeager Airport.

On July 5, the man attempted to pass the airport’s security checkpoint with a 9mm handgun and two magazines loaded with 11 bullets, despite the firearm being prohibited in carry-on luggage. The gun was detected by the checkpoint’s X-ray machine, and airport police seized the weapon, citing the man with a weapons violation.

TSA’s Federal Security Director for West Virginia, John C. Allen, highlighted the disruptions such incidents create, emphasizing that gun owners should be responsible and aware of the rules regarding firearm transportation on flights. He also noted that this was the eighth firearm detected at the airport in 2023, a concerning record with half the year remaining.

Travelers wishing to transport firearms must properly pack them in checked luggage and declare them at the airline check-in counter. The individual in question also risks a considerable federal financial civil penalty, potentially reaching $15,000, for his actions. TSA advises travelers to check the rules for firearm transportation on its website and with their specific airline. In the previous year, 6,542 firearms were found at nationwide airport checkpoints, with 88% loaded.

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