Store Sign Says “No Open Carry” — But Concealed Carry Is A-OK

SAN ANTONIO — Come first of the year, Texas allows open carry so long as you have a valid concealed handgun license.  This has made some business owners concerned that they’ll see more people open carrying into their shops.  FOX 29 reported that Texas rep Diego Bernal heard the concerns of his constituents and helped draft up signs that dissuade open carry while still allowing concealed carriers to do their business.

via FOX 29

“They don’t want to have to go and say, ‘Hey I see you got a gun I’d like for you to leave,’” said Bernal.  “They’d rather put up a sign that tells people, ‘Look you’re allowed to conceal carry if you want but you are not allowed to openly carry.’ and that’s what we’re getting the most.”

Bernal added that the signs he’s made comply with Texas’ 30.06 signage requirements specifying the font to be one inch tall and placed in both English and Spanish.  He stated that business owners have confided in him that some believe open carry may lead to a disruption in the consumer environment.  About 500 signs were printed up at no tax-payer expense.

According to Texas law, in order to effectively ban all guns in a private business, signs have to be posted clearly saying that both open carry and concealed carry is prohibited.  These signs have to be prominent and issued in both English and Spanish.

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