Man Leaves Gun Show With Bullet In Finger

TULSA, OKLAHOMA — A man was injured earlier this month when a negligent discharge occurred in the middle of the Wanenmacher’s Tulsa Arms Show, Tulsa World reports.

Apparently, one of the attendants was checking the firearm to see if it was loaded when it discharged, ricocheted, and hit a man right in his middle finger.

The man was taken to the hospital for treatment — the bullet was stuck in the man’s finger — but no charges were filed, as the discharge was ruled an accident and the man didn’t want to pursue the issue further, according to Tulsa County Deputy Justin Green.

Tulsa World further reports that the organizers of the gun show encourage both open and concealed carry, but firearms must be unloaded when entering the show.

My gun show does the same thing — it’s frustrating, and the reasoning behind it is understandable, but that is where this negligent charge took place.

It’s hard to not be a little frustrated with the attendant and the forearm owner responsible for the weapon — incidents like these regularly make gun owners look bad.

Here’s wishing the ricochet victim a speedy recovery.

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