2 Children Steer Car To Safety After Their Father Was Shot In The Head While Driving

HOUSTON, TEXAS — A father is dead after police say he was shot in the head while driving down the highway. The man’s children were in the car at the time, and managed to

Police said the two boys, ages 6 and 8, thought a rock hit their vehicle before seeing their father slump over the steering wheel, local media reported. The boys reportedly grabbed the wheel and guided the SUV off the freeway’s main lanes for about a mile and onto a road. They ran for help once the SUV came to a stop.

Via local media

Police aren’t sure if the father was targeted for some reason, or if it was a case of road rage.

The two sons did an amazing job, and there are no words to ease the pain and emotions that their family is going through right now.

While we don’t know the cause, road rage is absolutely a thing, and your best option is to always avoid it at all costs. If it comes to you, drive to a local police station while on the phone with authorities.

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