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[HOLSTER REVIEW] Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB Holster

Innovation brings about the best products that companies have to offer, and that’s exactly what Alien Gear has been doing since their inception. Pushing the envelope and progressing forward with new ideas, AG has recently introduced the Cloak Tuck 3.0 to the world… and it’s out of this world!


The Cloak Tuck design has been evolving ever since the original, which included a typical kydex shell and leather backing. We know that design, and we’re very familiar with it.

Then, Alien Gear surprised everyone with the unveiling of the Cloak Tuck 2.0 which provided a neoprene backing in place of the leather, making it durable and completely eliminating the need for the holster to wear in.

On the table now: The Cloak Tuck 3.0


Back when I did the 2.0 review, I called it “a vast improvement over their original Cloak Tuck design.” I can now say that again with the 3.0 advancement. Just wait until you hear what they’ve done.

The Cloak Tuck 3.0 concealed carry holster offers an unmatched level of comfort and concealability within the concealed carry world. Alien Gear Holsters’ new edition IWB holster exudes improved retention, enhanced flexibility and provides extreme comfort to users without sacrificing size and weight. This flawless gun holster comes as a product of thoughtful design by both Alien Gear Holsters manufacturers and a dedicated team of engineers.

The true quality of the Cloak Tuck 3.0 begins at its core with a stainless spring-steel band that acts as a sturdy backbone to the iwb holster ( inside the waistband ) . This material provides added retention and durability from the inside out and allows for years of hard use without breakage. A perfect layer of thermoelastic polymer covers the face of the gun holster, while an “Alien Skin” texture provides added grip to keep your firearm in place.

Alien Gear Holsters also improved the Cloak Tuck’s overall comfort by covering the once exposed T-Nuts with a layer of soft neoprene fabric on the back of the pistol holster. Concealed carriers will feel true comfort and quality down to the last stitch.

This concealed carry IWB holster can be equipped with a variety of belt clips, including our enhanced concealed options (the nylon “C” clips and “J” clips). The Cloak Tuck 3.0 also has the ability to house multiple shells, allowing concealed carriers to swap out their guns while keeping the same holster base.

Plus, they still include the spare parts kit… only it’s even more awesome than before. In the handy little setup below, they give you everything needed to either replace parts or adjust your shell’s retention. It’s a brilliant way to display and store the hardware.



This holster, like the 2.0, uses a Neoprene Composite backing that is extremely comfortable and sweat-proof. In addition, the front of the holster now sports a material called thermoelastic polymer. This material provides additional strength, grip and aesthetic appeal to the holster.


Another great feature that Alien Gear has brought to the table is the hidden hardware on the backside of the holster. The vast majority of the hardware is now sandwiched between the layers, providing an even more comfortable ride for the user.


And last but not least, my favorite edition of all: the incorporation of a thin piece of stainless spring-steel. This steel adds extra support where it’s needed most; behind the firearm. It makes for a much more comfortable holster when sitting, and also makes for easier holstering of your firearm. It’s a small but massive improvement over the 2.0 model.

ScreenHunter_125 Aug. 19 12.35

The video below, from Alien Gear, outlines in detail the changes and upgrades that were made between the 2.0 and the 3.0. It’s easy to see how great the improvements are, and why they were chosen.


My 2.0 was always comfortable, but this one is even better. For me, the addition of the spring steel is the best selling point, as it adds the extra ‘backbone’ to make the holster more stable –and less flexible– so that your firearm isn’t digging into you when you sit. It’s a welcomed change, and really does feel great when you wear it.


Yea, I think we made up that word. The concealability of the Cloak Tuck 3.0 is just as good as the 2.0 and many other IWB holsters on the market. It offers adjustable ride height as well as adjustable cant, and will fit any concealed carrier’s needs for a great IWB solution that will provide excellent firearm concealability and retention.

This holster is also designed to be tuckable, so you can still dress nicely while you carry your firearm.


With this holster and the spare parts kit, Alien Gear allows you to adjust the firearm retention quite a bit. If you want less retention, you can simply use the larger inserts that they provide in the kit. Conversely if you want more retention, you may use the smaller inserts. These inserts either raise or lower the firearm shell from the holster backing, hence adjusting the retention level.

Price & Guarantee

$43.88 (Link To Product)

In line with the other Alien Gear products, the price point is well below the industry average for similar-styled IWB holsters. For less than $45, you’re getting an amazing product that will last you a lifetime.

Literally. Just take a look at their guarantee:

ScreenHunter_125 Aug. 19 12.06

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