Anchorage Homeowner Gets Pepper Sprayed During Home Invasion — Wrong Move By Criminal


ANCHORAGE, ALASKA — Why on earth anyone would want to try burglary as a profession in one of the best armed states in the country is beyond me.  One homeowner was caught off guard when he answered his door to an eyeful of pepper spray.  According to KTVA, Anchorage Police responded to a call from a man who had just opened fire on burglars after one of them ambushed him with pepper spray.

via KTVA

“Suspects approached the home, and when the door was opened, one of the suspects pepper-sprayed the homeowner,” said APD spokesperson Renee Oistad in a statement.

Although APD is remaining pretty tight-lipped on this one, they did investigate a related call from a nearby hospital where one of the attackers showed up with a non-life threatening bullet wound in his backside.  Guessing someone got a bullet to the rump on his mad dash to the getaway vehicle.

The suspect is in custody and being held pending the results of the investigation.  It’s unknown if the homeowner knew these people beforehand or not.  In either case, we always advise keeping the door closed unless you can visually identify who you’re dealing with (and you’re obviously cool with them being there).

Lastly (but most importantly) always be carrying.  Hanging around the house?  Keep that handgun handy.

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