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[HOLSTER REVIEW] The Well Armed Woman IWB Holster – Not Just For Women

Holsters holsters everywhere! Here is another holster review that we want to share with you all. It comes from a great company called The Well Armed Woman.

Falling into the category of kydex holsters, this one is put together nicely. As you’ll see in the video, it has just the right amount of retention and covers nearly the entire slide of the firearm. This covering of the slide protects it from sweat and other things that it could come in contact with.

The holster is ambidextrous by easily moving the clip from one side to the other. It’s such a simple –but genius– design. Given that the holster has the same profile on both sides, it allows this easy switch.

Nadine G Photography

The owner of TWAW, Carrie Lightfoot, gives us a great look at the holster in her video below, shortly after it’s release and highlights some of the improvements that were made:

For comfort, I have to say that I was a little surprised. I didn’t believe that a piece of kydex would be comfortable, but it is. It’s so thin, and really disappears under even a t-shirt. Once you get it in that perfect position for yourself, you’ll forget it’s there just like a regular IWB that provides some sort of backing (such as leather or neoprene).

A nice twist to the holster is that you get to choose from a wide array of colors and patterns. Carrie had sent me a blue holster as a surprise, and it happens to be my favorite color. It’s a nice touch.

Here are the current options that you have to choose from:

swatchesnew11 14

To check out the full selection of holsters that The Well Armed Woman has to offer, head on over to their Website and be sure to pop in to their Facebook page and say hello!


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