It’s Been A Horrible Week For Robbers — Man Fatally Shoots Robber In Memphis


MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE — Police have released a man connected with a shooting in Memphis after the man claimed he was being robbed and fatally shot the robber.  He was initially brought in for questioning but not charged with any crime.  Details are still emerging about the case but FOX-5 reported that police were called prior to the shooting to respond to an alleged aggravated assault call.

When they arrived, they found the suspect was critically injured and the shooter standing his ground beside the suspect.  The robber was transported to Regional One Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

After being briefly detained by the Memphis Police Department, the Memphis Police did not charge the man with any crime and it is being ruled a self-defense shooting.  FOX-5 initially covered the story from the perspective that the shooter was an active suspect in a shooting incident, however that opinion has shifted since Memphis Police have released their statement.

The deceased was a 38-year-old man whom has yet to be identified and the shooter is also unidentified due to his status as not being charged with a crime and not wishing his information to be released.

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