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Another Self-Defense Shooting By A Concealed Carrier; Criminals Take Note, It’s A Growing Trend

ST PAUL, MINNESOTA — Concealed carry permits are skyrocketing in numbers across the Country, and criminals should start taking note. They’re dropping like flies.

When four juveniles attempted to rob two adults at gunpoint, they had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. According to police, one of the juvenile suspects was wearing a mask and gloves, and approached the victims while showing a handgun.

One of the intended victims, with a valid concealed carry permit, drew his firearm and shot the suspect with the gun. Immediately after the shooting, the legally armed citizen called police and rendered first aid until paramedics arrived.

When emergency crews responded to the scene, the suspect was pronounced dead. His three friends had also taken off but were later arrested.

This is an absolutely perfect example of eliminating a threat and then once the threat has been neutralized, rendering first aid. While you are under no obligation to do so, this person who did… did so for a reason, and we can’t fault him or her for that.

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