Robber Gets In Through The Wrong Window – Receives His .380 ACP Prize


AUGUSTA, GEORGIA — “And what’s through Door #3?”  According to police, Jefferson Clement allegedly loosened up several windows for what he anticipated to be a nice series of burglaries.  Deputies think Clement couldn’t get into any of those windows, though, because the screens were locked.  And then he found magic Window #3 in the apartment complex.  Sliding in through the window, he was sure this was going to be a super safe bet.

What could possibly go wrong sneaking into an apartment complex in Georgia?

The resident of the apartment was apparently awakened by the racket this burglar was making trying to squeeze in through the window and greeted him with classic southern hospitality – a .380 ACP bullet to the thigh.

That should leave a mark.

Well, Clements didn’t stick around to see what else awaited him and, despite his injuries, managed to escape.  News-12 said he eventually made it to Doctor’s Hospital by an “unknown means of transportation”.

The Sheriff’s Office says ER personnel reached out to them in the very early morning (4:04 a.m.) with the report of a man showing up with a gunshot wound in the thigh.  Clement is now under guard by deputies and is expected to make a full recovery.

Clement is charged with four counts of criminal attempted burglary.

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