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Chicago Mother Files Lawsuit After Unjust Arrest In Fatal Self-Defense Shooting Case


Carlishia Hood, a licensed concealed carry holder in Chicago, and her teenage son were recently acquitted of murder charges related to the fatal shooting of Jeremy Brown. Hood and her son were arrested following an altercation where Brown was caught on camera assaulting Hood, leading her son to fatally shooting Brown. Prosecutors later dismissed the charges, without providing a specific reason, stating only that they couldn’t meet the burden of proof necessary for prosecution.

Following this ordeal, Hood has filed a lawsuit against the city and arresting officers, citing malicious prosecution, false arrest, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Describing the event as life-changing and brutal, she and her legal team have emphasized the unprovoked nature of the attack and criticized what they perceive as a premature rush to judgment.

The incident took place in a fast-food restaurant, where Hood and Brown got into a dispute. Hood’s son was waiting in the car, and she texted him for help after being punched by Brown multiple times. Her son entered the restaurant and shot Brown, who later died due to his injuries.

Hood and her son are now focusing on healing and regrouping after the incident. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, run by Kim Foxx, has not yet responded to requests for comment on the case.

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