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Off-Duty Deputy Drops Concealed Carry Pistol In Airsoft Course – 10 Year Old Recovers It!

PLYMOUTH, CALIFORNIA — A young boy on an airsoft course discovered a real pistol laying on the ground.  Recognizing that this wasn’t an airsoft pistol like the ones other kids were using on the course, he quickly went to return it to a referee.

While he was transporting the pistol, it discharged.

Thankfully, it was pointed towards the ground when that happens.  KCRA 3 reports the pistol came from an off-duty deputy misplaced his firearm.  Even worse?  He didn’t even realize it had gone missing until the boy returned it.

The boy who found it, Owen, described the encounter for reporters.

“We’re in the middle of an airsoft match, [what if a] kid finds this gun, he had picked it up and started using it as an airsoft gun?  Someone would have died that day.”

The ten year old boy, Owen, picked up the gun and thankfully knew enough to realize it was a real firearm.

“I go to give it to the ref – or responsible adult – and it slips and it discharges.”

It’s a great thing that firearm was kept pointing at the ground.

Law Enforcement Are Not Immune To Concealed Carry Woes

As KCRA 3 discovered, it was from an off-duty Sacramento County deputy who dropped it from his waistband holster.  He wasn’t even aware it was missing!

“If you’re a concealed carry permit holder, you have a responsibility to not drop your weapon – especially if you’re law enforcement,” Owen’s dad added during the interview.

And he’s absolutely right!  Every concealed carry permit holder has a responsibility to maintain accountability of his or her firearm at all times.  No exceptions!  If there’s a question about whether or not you’ll be able to maintain that accountability – lock it up in the vehicle or keep it in the safe.

Is this par for the course for Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department?  Or should that deputy undergo some basic remedial training on how to carry a concealed firearm?

Leaving a firearm unaccounted for – on the ground – in the middle of a course where children play with simulated firearms has to be one of the biggest recipes for disaster.  Thankfully, for those out on the course that day – there was at least ONE responsible person out on the field.  He just happened to be ten years old.

No Resolution In Sight For Firearm Incident

While Owen’s father seeks some form of resolution with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department, it seems his worst fears may be true: because no one was shot, it’s going to get swept under the rug.

That’s really unfortunate because as there are few enough concealed carriers in the State of California – even more emphasis should be placed on ensuring they’re the best and most qualified.  If the average citizen in California has a devil of a time getting a concealed carry permit to defend himself and his family, then why are these buffoons allowed to walk around dropping their firearms at will?

That’s ridiculous.  And even more ridiculous is that no one seems to be getting held accountable.  According to KCRA 3, no criminal charges have been filed against the deputy and no obvious correction has taken place.

For the rest of us – let it serve as a warning!  Use an inside the waistband holster with a high-retention grip to ensure that your firearm doesn’t accidentally slip out.  It’s a simple thing – an inexpensive thing – and the safe thing to do.  For yourself, for others, and for anyone who happens to be walking in the wake of your trail – ten year olds and otherwise.

Do you think concealed carriers should be held accountable for where they leave their guns laying around?  Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.

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