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Man Seeking Ex-Girlfriend Finds Armed Homeowner Inside After Kicking Front Door Off Its Hinges

PHILADEPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – A man was fatally shot by a homeowner after breaking down a door while attempting to see his former girlfriend. Police were called to a home in the 1800 block of Sanger Street around 11:30 pm Monday.

Upon arrival, responding officers found a 34-year-old man outside the residence suffering from multiple gunshot wounds to the chest. Investigators have determined that the man went to the house looking for his ex-girlfriend. Unable to get inside, he began shouting and kicked the door repeatedly over several minutes. He was successful in kicking the door off its hinges, only to be greeted by multiple rounds from the homeowner’s firearm.

The woman that he was seeking was not in the residence at the time but arrived a short time later. The homeowner, a licensed concealed carrier, was cooperative with police and was not injured in the incident. None of the parties involved have been publicly identified and the investigation is continuing.

While the homeowner was a licensed concealed carrier, it is somewhat irrelevant in that Pennsylvania has a “Stand Your Ground” law that allows the defense of one’s home against intruders.  The possession of a legally obtained and owned firearm inside one’s home does not require a concealed carry permit, nor does its use in legally justifiable self-defense situations.  

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