Home Invader, High On Drugs, Repeats “I’m Going To Kill You” Before Being Shot By Homeowner


TALLAHASSEE, FLORIDA — Police were called by multiple people early Wednesday about a man attempting to break into numerous homes. The man, identified as 27-year-old Jarod Clemons, met his match in his last invasion attempt.

The homeowner, a retired police officer, woke up to a loud noise in his home. When he opened his bedroom door, that’s when he saw Clemons in the home.

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you”, is what Clemons apparently said to the homeowner.

That’s when the retired police officer fired a shot, striking Clemons in the chest, killing him.

A lot happened before this incident, and it seems that Clemons was having a bad reaction to a drug that he had taken.

Havana Police Chief Tracy Smith says Clemons had previously jumped from his girlfriend’s car in Havana and ran down the street. He banged on one woman’s door before heading to the police station, where he started stripping off his clothes.

Clemons was sweating profusely, acting irrationally and complained about chest pain. Clemons told police he had taken some bad molly, a synthetic drug similar to ecstasy. This prompted TPD to call an ambulance.

Medics were bringing him to a Tallahassee hospital when he opened the rear doors of the ambulance near I-10 and Thomasville Road after a short struggle with EMT and refused medical services.

After this is when Clemons started banging on doors and trying to gain entry into homes.

It’s a shame that this man’s fate ended the way it did, but the homeowner was forced into a bad position and needed to protect himself and his family.

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