Help Micah Carry: Full Size 1911, 6′ 9″, 340lbs, Seeking Comfortable Carry System

It’s not always easy for everyone to find a comfortable carry system, and sometimes it forces them to leave their firearm at home or in another undesirable location… instead of on their person.

Reader Micha writes in:

Hey there, I have a question for you and hope you have an answer. I got my concealed license about a year and a half ago and bought a full size springfield 1911 .45acp. Being that I’m 6’9″ and 340lbs I figured it wouldn’t be an issue to carry a full size gun, I also bought a left handed alien gear holster that i would wear on my left hip at a slight angle given that I am left handed. I bought the original vs the 2.0 but I don’t remember my reasoning now for that. I often end up just carrying in the center console of my car because my set up is so uncomfortable to wear. I guess my question is how do I find a comfortable way to conceal my firearm? I know part of it could be a different holster but I don’t have a big budget to buy every holster out there to find one that works. I’m contemplating just buying a judge and using my 1911 as home defense or a range gun but that is a very expensive solution to my problem.

We now have the details. Can anyone offer Micha a solution to carry his firearm that may be more comfortable for him?

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