Carrying A Firearm Does Not Make You Invincible

Ehhh, we got some tough guys out there. All too often, I’ll post an article about *insert article title here* and some people will always chime in with their “I’d get the job done” attitude.

Example Story: A story is posted about a homeowner who shoots at an intruder. The homeowner misses and the bad guy gets away.

Example Comment: “If someone broke into my house, they would have been filled with lead! Can’t believe the homeowner missed. Get back to the range!”

I know, I know. Some of you could take out an armed home intruder from across town with your Glock 19 while simultaneously paying for your groceries. I get it, you’re a great shot and you’ll never miss your target regardless of the circumstances.

But for those of us who live in the real world and look at things from a logical perspective, we understand that we may not be the best shots in the world, especially under the circumstances of a high-stress situation.

And, although someone may miss, the threat in the example was eliminated.

Obviously we want to hit our target if we’re ever forced to pull the trigger, but…

Here’s my point: I see new people on our Facebook page and website every single day, and many of these people are brand-spankin’ new to concealed carry. They’re here to learn, and some take advice (however bad it may be) from comments of others at times. If a lot of these comments pop up and are read by someone not 100% familiar with everything, they may slack a bit on training. And that’s not ok.

Sure, it’s up to each person to seek out as much or as little training as they see fit, but I’m a fan of getting as much training as possible, even if you are that tough guy. I’m also a fan of being a positive roll model, and the macho comments don’t really help anyone but the commenter’s ego.

Plus, if you’ve never had to draw your firearm in self-defense, you’re not allowed to give your opinion on how you would perform.

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