PAPERS MEAN NOTHING, LISTEN TO POLICE: Woman Shoots Armed Intruder, Then She Is Shot By Responding Officers


HUNTSVILLE, ALABAMA — An armed home invasion went horribly wrong, but not how you would expect. After an estranged husband forced his way into her home, the woman opened fire after he displayed a knife and a gun. She hit him in the chest which caused life-threatening injuries.

When police arrived, they found the woman and the man in the garage. The woman, Lisa Skinner, 52, had shot her estranged husband, Bradley Skinner, 59, just moments before. With her shotgun still trained on the intruder, police gave her commands to drop her shotgun. As she turned towards police, her shotgun apparently turned towards them as well. At this time, fearing for their lives, at least one officer opened fire.

Mrs Skinner was struck with gunfire and then handcuffed on the ground. Her injuries are not life-threatening.

After the dust settled, it was quickly learned that Mrs Skinner has had numerous issues with her husband in the past, going as far as having multiple orders of protection against him.

Records show that she had filed for multiple orders of protection against him and planned to take time off from her teaching job to protect her students from his violent temper.

Mrs Skinner’s petitions to the court describe her estranged husband, who she was divorcing after almost 11 years, as a ‘clever, gifted manipulator’ who was heavily armed.

In February, a Madison County judge prohibited Mr Skinner from going within 100 yards of the Bonnie Oaks Drive home where Sunday’s shooting occurred.

Police said he violated that order when he broke into the home, which belongs to his mother-in-law, armed with a handgun and a large knife.

Luckily for Mrs Skinner, she was able to arm herself and stop the treat from advancing. Because after all, an order of protection is just a piece of paper. Her error, though, was when police arrived to the scene.

Officers from Huntsville police arrived on scene and heard gunshots ring out and saw Mrs Skinner in the garage holding the shotgun.

They demanded that she drop her weapon but when she turned toward them with the gun in her hand, at least one officer fired at her, wounding, but not killing her.

Mrs Skinner was struck by the police gunfire and both she and her husband were taken to Huntsville Hospital.

This incident illustrates the importance of giving police 100% of your attention when they arrive to a crime scene such as this. In most cases, they are responding to “shots fired” and may not have information as to who the bad guy (or gal) is. That’s why, especially if you have a firearm in your hands, you make absolutely sure you are doing what is asked of you by the police.

Sure, it’s an extremely high-stress situation for Mrs Skinner. After all, she just shot someone. But as many of these articles go, we use them as learning tools so that we can be better prepared, should we find ourselves in a similar situation.

We wish Mrs Skinner a speedy recovery, and applaud her for defending herself during this dangerous encounter.


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