Fake Delivery Man Conceals Firearm Under Pizza Box For Home Invasion


A fake pizza delivery man attempted a home invasion making use of his disguise, carrying a gun below a pizza box, according to a home security video shared by Active Self Protection.

The man wasn’t alone, either.

In the video, you can see the man knocking at the door in disguise, but there are a few things wrong with the picture.

First, the man’s completely covered his face. Second, the pizza box is completely by itself, which is to say not with in an insulating sleeve. He also doesn’t have a receipt or anything for a resident to sign, but that’s obviously less noticeable in the moment.

What’s very noticeable, however, is the handgun he’s holding under the pizza box.

After the assailant eventually gets someone to respond, he pulls out his handgun, and chaos ensues.

Check it out below, and as you do, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Would you have noticed something was off if it was you?
  2. Do you carry a firearm in the home?
  3. Was the second man entering the home carrying zip ties, or something else?

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