Woman Pulls Gun On Man Who Threatened Her With Needle As He Tried To Rob Her At An ATM

SOCASTEE, SOUTH CAROLINA — A woman approached an ATM to withdraw some money, but encountered a man who looked to do her harm in a way that we don’t usually see. He threatened to stick her with a dirty needle.

According to a press release, a woman told officers as she was withdrawing money from the ATM at the Conway National Bank branch in Socastee, a man approached her truck’s window, showed her a large needle, and demanded she give him money. She told police he threatened to inject her with the needle.

The woman told police she  pulled out her handgun and stuck it in the suspects face saying “I dare you to stab me!”

The suspect said “Are you seriously going do that to me,” and ran off, the report said.

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The woman, also known as the intended victim, has her concealed carry permit and also happened to be carrying that day. She was able to successfully end the scary situation without firing a single shot. The bad guy took off and is currently being sought by police.

This is another story that highlights the importance of being aware of your surroundings. From screenshots provided by police of surveillance video, we can see the man waiting behind the ATM as the intended victim is getting ready to use the machine.


If I drove up to this ATM while this man was standing there, I would have went on my way to another ATM. You can never be too safe, and it’s anyone’s guess as to what a person is doing when loitering in an ATM drive-thru.

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