The Importance Of Campus Carry: Two Students Stabbed At Upstate NY College Dorm

The last thing a student should worry about is making it through the semester alive. Incidents such as the one we are about to discuss occur on a regular basis. This one, for example, occurred in the dorms across the street from Schenectady County Community College in NY.

Two college-aged men stumbled into a deli while clutching their stomachs. Both had been stabbed by an unidentified man on dorm property.

Market employee Muaadh Kassim said he saw the victims running across State Street clutching their bellies. One victim made it inside before collapsing against the refrigerator. The other fell in the doorway of the deli.

We reached out to College Suites at Washington Square on Facebook to ask them about their firearms policy, since they are privately owned. Their response wasn’t surprising.

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Hopefully one day, people will be able to properly defend themselves in these gun free zones while at the same time deterring crime from happening in the first place. Because after all, the bad guy never wants a fight.

The condition of the two victims is not known at this time, but both were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

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