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Man Tries To Abduct 6-Year-Old Girl At Mall, Mom Pulls Out Her Gun And Stops Him

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BARBOURSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA — An alert mom saved her 6-year-old daughter from an attempted kidnapping by using her concealed firearm, stopping the abductor in his tracks.

According to a criminal complaint, a woman was shopping with her 5-year-old daughter at the Huntington Mall in Barboursville when a man grabbed the girl by the hair and tried to pull her away. Police say the mother pulled out a gun and told the suspect to let go of the child. The man released the child and was later detained by mall security and Barboursville police near a food court.

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The man was sent to jail on $200,000 cash bond, and will be awaiting his fate for his terrible decision.

There is a very good possibility that the suspect could have been successful in his abduction attempt, and we don’t even want to think about what the outcome would have been in that case.

A firearm in the hand of a good gal with a gun is as important as ever, and after covering these types of stories over the years, there is no shortage of danger in our society.

I bet this mother is happy with her decision to carry a firearm, which allowed her to do what she had to do in order to stop a terrible situation that she and her daughter were forced into.

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