Armed Customer Stops Robbery In Progress, Holds One Suspect At Gunpoint


Houston, Texas — Two would be robbers got an unwelcome surprise as they attempted an armed robbery at K&S Seafood Bar and Grill on North Gessner Rd Saturday night. Around 8 p.m., Sam Koy and his Wife were preparing to close for the evening as two customers were finishing their meals.

Two armed men walked in and forced the couple to the ground. One of them went for the cash register. “All of a sudden my wife ran back panicking,” Sam said.

Thanks to the quick actions of the unnamed citizen, the robbery didn’t happen as planned. “He was amazing,” Sam said. “He absolutely kept us all calm, made sure everything was okay.” The customer held one at gunpoint until Police arrived and fired at the second who was fleeing. Police are still searching for the second suspect and are unsure if he was hit. The pair may be connected with other recent armed robberies in the area, Police are investigating that now.

This is one more example of a good guy with a gun that made a difference. Situational awareness, threat assessment and clear thinking certainly prevailed. When I go out to eat, I always work to get a seat with the best vantage point. Sometimes, I may even ask to switch tables if it doesn’t work for me. Not paranoid, just prudent. There is a difference.

Now one major point of note, the armed citizen fired three rounds at the second suspect who fled the scene. While he did act swiftly to stop an armed robbery and held one suspect at gunpoint for Police, firing at the back of a fleeing suspect may not have been the smartest course of action. Easy for me to second guess his judgement and I understand how adrenaline can over ride rational thought. However, keep in mind you are responsible for everything that happens after you pull the trigger.

So, this begs the question. Would you have fired at a fleeing suspect?

Here’s a recent article that is great food for thought on situational awareness.

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