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19-Year-Old Robbery Suspect Shot And Killed By Armed Clerk

AUBURN, WASHINGTON — Monday, August 1st, police responded to the Shell station at 201 Auburns Way South for a reported shooting and attempted robbery just before 12:30 AM.  When they arrived, they found a 19-year-old shot.  The clerk reported that the 19-year-old had tried to rob the store and that he shot the suspect. 

The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene.

The plexiglass at the counter and the front door had bullet-related damage.  Police stated that the video surveillance system did record the incident, but it has not yet been made public.   The police say that they are still investigating and that they will forward their report to the Prosecutor, who will make the final decision on whether or not charges will be filed.

Police said that they are not sure yet if the suspect (who has not yet been identified) was working alone or if he had an accomplice.

Area residents reported that they aren’t surprised by the shooting, because crime the in area is rampant.  One area worker reported that fights occur in the area daily and that open air drug use happens all day.  During the weekend, there was a homicide and a drive by shooting in Auburn as well.  Area resident said that people are taking matters into their owns because of a perception that the police aren’t doing anything.  For their part, the police report that they are conducting directed patrols in the area to try and reduce crime.

The investigation into this incident is on-going.

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