[BEGINNERS] 10 Mistakes People Make at a Gun Store – VIDEO

I have been to many gun stores and have experienced poor habits by customers multiple times. Everything from falsely claiming a gun is unloaded to muzzle sweeping other people, I have seen it all. Ask any gun store worker what frustrates them the most and get ready for a long conversation. I understand that people make mistakes all the time however few mistakes have potential for outright dangerous results like those witnessed at a gun store.

We are seeing record numbers of gun sales in the US. Coupled with many new gun owners entering the market, I felt it was time to speak about several mistakes people make at gun stores. Some may call this list “common sense” however these mistakes (or violations) have been around for a while. Given the fact that many inexperienced people are entering gun stores for the first time, it’s important for them to learn proper gun store etiquette. 

The “know it all” customer who butts into other peoples business is outright frustrating. They interrupt potential sales, confuse other customers and upset salesmen. They seem to have a burning desire to show off everything they know but very little is gained from their vocal “know everything” attitude. It would be best if these people minded their own business and allow other customers to do their business without interruption.

It is also a mistake to expect the salesmen behind the counter to give a full gun review with every request. Gun stores exist to provide a service for their community and make a profit. Yes, they should educate people however it is best for the customer to have a general understanding of what they are looking for. With all the firearm resources available (YouTube, Concealed Nation ect.) there is no reason to say, “I just need a gun.” Customers should take some time to research and understand what will best suit their needs. This will make the process much smoother.

In the video attached, I shared what I feel are, “10 Mistakes People Make at a Gun Store.” The mistakes spoken about have been verified by hundreds of people who work at gun stores. Check it out and let us know your thoughts and experiences at guns stores. Share with us anything that was missed so we can add them to a follow up Concealed Nation article.

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