Missouri’s Open Carry Standards Changed

Kansas City, Missouri, a city that previously entirely banned openly carrying firearms, was forced to change the ban to comply with the new state law. The law was overridden by the Legislature and passed after Governor Jay Nixon vetoed it.

In order to continue to prohibit open carry for most people, the city must now exempt some persons.

Under the new law, anyone with the Missouri open carry endorsement or permit or a concealed carry permit from another state that is recognized by Missouri may openly carry their firearm.

Sharp says,

“You do have to carry it [the permit] with you and you do have to present it upon request by a law enforcement officer.”

And don’t think you will be able to get off the hook too easily. There is a state-specified maximum fine for refusing to show your permit or forgetting to carry it, which is $35. And openly carrying your firearm without your permit could cost you a $1,000 fine.

Unfortunately, Sharp was required to make these alterations to the rules and he regrets having to change the city’s regulations.

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