Florida Lowers Concealed Carry Fees For It’s 1.5 Million Holders


SARASOTA, FLORIDA — The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has recently instituted a measure enacted by Florida Governor Rick Scott. The new measure would reduce concealed carry weapon permit fees by $10 for both first time and renewing permit holders.

According to a press release by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam says the changes will make the concealed carry application process “more convenient and affordable.”

At present, the DACS runs permitting and applications for the State of Florida.

Florida issues both resident and non-resident permits for those who are eligible to hold one. The requirements for first time applicants can be found here.

First time applicants now have a non-refundable fee of $60 and renewing permit holders have a fee of $50, payable by check or money order. If you show up to a DACS facility location, you may also be able to pay in cash. Walk-ins are not generally accepted for first time applicants but if you are renewing your license, you can generally have it renewed without an appointment.

Florida requires the following in addition to a completed application:

  • Proof of competency with a firearm
    • This can be demonstrated with a certificate of completion from most related NRA courses as well as basic Hunter Safety and courses instructed by any law enforcement agency.
  • Fingerprints Card
    • A complete set of fingerprints, as per DACS requirements, must be submitted alongside your initial application.

Florida shares concealed carry reciprocity with 35 other states, placing it within the top echelons of reciprocity.

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