Homeowner Shoots Armed Intruder With His Own Gun

A Sacramento homeowner awoke early this morning to the sound of someone breaking into his home. When he went to investigate, he encountered the armed intruder that immediately pulled a gun on him. The two began to wrestle over the gun and the homeowner ended up winning, and then fired a few shots at the intruder.

When police arrived, they found the suspect on the front yard with an apparent gunshot injury and was taken to the hospital. He was last listed in stable condition.

The homeowner was questioned not only about the incident, but also about the “substantial amount of marijuana” that police found inside his home.

It is possible that the intruder was there for the marijuana, but the investigation is still ongoing and we are not given any details.

Still, it’s nice to know that some criminals can’t keep a hold of their firearms and if that does in fact happen, it may be used against them.

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