Australian Government Wants Citizens To Turn In Illegal Guns, And Snitch On Their Neighbors


In a knee-jerk reaction to a massacre committed by a madman in 1996, the Australian government banned most civilian ownership of firearms. Those still retaining them after all these years face serious penalties if they’re caught with a firearm.

Yet to no one’s surprise, many Aussies persist in keeping their guns hidden away. Despite all this, the tyrants who currently run the government in Oz aren’t satisfied. They believe over a quarter million “unregistered” guns remain in circulation. And they want them…badly.

The government has come out with a new campaign, smack in the middle of their authoritarian COVID mandates, to have folks turn in their guns — or turn in their friends, neighbors and family members who still own firearms.

Because nothing says “I’m a good friend/neighbor/family member” like snitching on your friend/neighbor/relative — Stasi-style — for owning the means with which to protect themselves and resist government tyranny.

From the UK’s Guardian:

A national gun amnesty has been launched across Australia, with holders told to surrender their illegal firearms or face the full force of the law.

The three-month campaign is encouraging people to surrender any illegal guns in their possession and dob in neighbours, family and friends to Crime Stoppers.

It is estimated more than 260,000 unregistered guns are in circulation in Australia.

Home affairs minister, Karen Andrews, in Melbourne on Thursday to announce the amnesty, said there was no excuse for anyone in Australia to have an illicit firearm.

“Our message today is simple … hand it in,” she said in a statement.

“If you surrender it, you can do so without penalty. The alternative is a knock on your door from the police and the potential for serious criminal penalties, including imprisonment.”

Because they haven’t faced the risk of a knock on the door for the last twenty-some years?

If anything, the heavy-handed authoritarian response to COVID should serve as a huge reason why good people should keep their firearms down in.

By John Boch via TTAG and republished with permission.

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