Florida Man Attempts To Steal Snickers At Knifepoint From Gas Station


CLEARWATER, FLORIDA — I’ve lived in Florida now for 5 years, and I can absolutely confirm that ‘Florida Man’ is a thing.

Police say a man entered a WaWa gas station in Clearwater and asked the clerk for some free food. When he was denied, he allegedly pulled out a knife and attempted to take a Snickers bar.

“Don’t make me do something stupid for a Snickers bar,” the suspect said to the clerk.

Fearing for his life, the clerk gave the suspect the Snickers bar, however the suspect left the candy on the counter and walked out.

When the suspect was captured by police, he told them that he didn’t threaten the clerk with the knife and instead was trying to trade the knife for the Snickers bar.

I mean, I love Snickers, but I doubt I’m going to trade any of my knives for one.

In the end, luckily no one was injured during this bizarre incident. Had the suspect made the decision to become move violent, then this clerk would have had even more decisions to make. Fighting with someone who is holding a knife and threatening you, over a Snickers bar, is not worth fighting with.

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