[BREAKING] Convicted School Shooter Escapes From Prison In Ohio, Is Caught

Update 01:35am EST

T.J. Lane has been captured not far from the prison where he escaped with two other inmates, just 5 hours after their escape.

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Folks in Ohio and surrounding areas, keep your eyes out for T.J. Lane (pictured above), the 19-year-old that was found guilty of killing three students at Chardon High School in Ohio by shooting them with a .22 caliber firearm. If you followed the trial last year, you’ll probably remember him best for his disgusting display of a shirt in the courtroom that read ‘KILLER’ across the front. Yea, he’s a classy guy.

Lane and two other prisoners escaped from a prison in Lima, roughly 80 miles south of Toledo, and one prisoner has been captured.

Authorities are searching for Lane and the other prisoner and they do not believe that either of them are armed (although that may change).

Ohio public safety and correction officials said they began an “extensive search,” along with the local authorities and the Ohio State Highway Patrol after the inmates escaped at 7:40 p.m. Thursday from the Allen Oakwood Correctional Institution.

“All available troopers from the Ohio State Highway Patrol have been joined by Allen County Sheriff’s deputies and local area law enforcement in establishing a perimeter and searching the area,” Ohio Department of Public Safety Director John Born said. “A Patrol helicopter with advanced infrared detection equipment has been deployed and is engaged in the search as well.

If you notice anything suspicious or recognize Lane from the photo above, call authorities immediately by dialing 911. These are two people that need to be sent back to prison as soon as possible.

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