GRAPHIC WARNING: Civilian Run Over By Russian Tank While Driving, More Ukrainians Taking Up Arms And Fighting

A video has been going viral that shows a Russian tank swerving into a civilian car that was driving down the road in the opposite direction, running it over and nearly flattening it. An elderly man was driving that vehicle and was seen being helped out by witnesses to the unprovoked attack. His condition is not known, but it’s miraculous that he survived the attack.

Images like this are beginning to appear as we head a few days into the unwarranted invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, and more citizens are making the decision to stay and fight.

The couple in the first image below had pushed up their wedding date and got married, then armed up to help their local group of armed citizens willing to fight.

The attitude and bravery of the Ukrainian people is being seen by the world, as they will not let their land be taken easily, and they are only just beginning to make life a living hell for the Russian soldiers.

This is why the United States is the most free Country in the world; the 2nd Amendment. Nearly 400 million firearms are in the hands of civilians, and millions would be ready to fight if another country attempted a land assault. It’s a big reason why we haven’t been invaded.

The world is with Ukraine.

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