WHY WE CARRY: Man Forces 3 Women To Strip Inside Store At Gunpoint, Killing One

IMPERIAL, MISSOURI – A man pretending to be a customer inside a Catholic Supply shop ended up forcing 3 women into the back of the shop and made them strip at gunpoint.

He then attempted to force the women to perform sexual acts on him.

Prosecutors say 53-year-old Thomas Bruce faces charges of first-degree murder, sodomy, kidnapping, burglary and related counts.

Bruce’s arrest comes two days after 53-year-old Jamie Schimdt, who was shopping inside a Catholic Supply Store in St. Louis County, MO, was shot and killed.

Schmidt refused to cooperate with Bruce, and his reaction was to shoot and kill her.

It’s a terrible story, and who knows why this man did what he did. It ended with an innocent life lost, a violent criminal behind bars, and a wish that we have that more people arm themselves.

Our hearts go out to the family of the woman killed, and the other victims in this senseless crime.

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