Shocking Update: DC Will Appeal Overturned Open And Concealed Carry Case

Emily Miller once again breaks the news over the DC carry laws that caused such a commotion a few weeks ago, now informing us that DC will in fact appeal the recent decision by U.S. District Court Judge Frederick Scullin ruled that the law was unconstitutional and D.C. had to allow people to carry guns.

This was pretty obvious that it would happen. Right after the ruling, DC asked for a 90-day extension which effectively negated the ruling, making it illegal once again to carry a firearm in DC.

[My FOX DC] “What the court said very clearly was that a complete 100-percent ban on anybody being able to get a license to carry a handgun was unconstitutional. But there’s a gray area between 100-percent ban and everybody can carry. And that’s what we’re working through.”

In that brief window of legal carry in our Nation’s capital, a few people took the opportunity to enter history by being the first in decades to legally carry in DC.

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