[VIDEO] Homeowner Shoots Intruder Who After Being Shot, Begs And Says “I Want To Call My Girlfriend”

What a pathetic criminal. First he kicks open the door and breaks into a strangers home like a tough guy. Then, he comes in contact with the homeowner. THEN, he doesn’t listen to commands to stop advancing on the homeowner and is shot in the torso.

And finally, like a little wimp showing his true colors, begs for his life and tells the homeowner “I want to call my girlfriend”.

The homeowner was on the phone with 911 before the man even entered. All the noise the intruder was making at the front door gave the homeowner plenty of time to realize what was about to happen and also retrieve his firearm.

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His home was broken into four years ago and he was just getting his sense of security back. Out on medical leave from work, he was at home trying to relax when this wimpy thug ruined his day.

Paramedics arrived shortly after to take the wounded suspect away on a stretcher. How embarrassing, and how pathetic.

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