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BREAKING: Nebraska Constitutional Carry Bill Passes 33-14, Headed To Governor’s Desk

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA — Nebraska’s top law enforcement officials have emphasized the importance of responsible gun ownership as the state moves towards implementing a “constitutional carry” bill, according to The North Platte Telegraph.

The Legislative Bill 77 (LB 77), which passed the Nebraska legislature on Wednesday morning with a two-thirds majority, will enable Nebraskans to lawfully carry firearms without a permit.

Gov. Jim Pillen is expected to sign the bill into law on April 26, with the law taking effect in late August or early September.

State Sen. Tom Brewer, a long-time advocate for the bill, said that Nebraskans outside of Lincoln and Omaha have been eager for this change, emphasizing that the state’s residents are generally law-abiding, according to the Telegraph.

However, urban lawmakers such as Lincoln Sen. Jane Raybould argue that the bill will make urban areas less safe.

LB 77 will strip local governments of their power to regulate firearms use beyond existing state law. While some lawmakers have expressed concerns about the potential negative consequences of the bill, North Platte Police Chief Steve Reeves and Lincoln County Sheriff Jerome Kramer have both downplayed these concerns, stressing the importance of training and responsible gun use, according to the Telegraph.

Brewer defended the bill, arguing that lawfully-armed Nebraskans who have not committed felonies and who have already obtained permits to buy firearms should not be punished for keeping their guns concealed from public view.

And he’s correct. It’s nonsense.

Congratulations, Nebraska. You’re almost the 27th state in the union to permit constitutional or permitless carry.

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