This Is What An Armed Citizen Looks Like After Surviving An Attempted Mass Shooting

Say hello to Dr. Lee Silverman, the man who undoubtedly saved not only his life, but the lives of many others due to his decision to arm himself while at the office. He probably never believed that he would need to use his firearm one day in self-defense, but he had it as a precaution anyway.

Just last week, Dr. Silverman was working just as he does any other day. Except this day would prove to be much different. A patient walks into his office, shoots dead a female employee, and takes his sights on Dr. Silverman. Unbeknownst to the shooter, the Doctor was carrying some firepower of his own. Exchanging shots, the Doctor hits the suspect three times and successfully ends the shooting.

Had he not been prepared, the shooter was determined to do more damage. When police arrived to the scene, they were quick to notice that the shooter had 39 rounds left that were ready to go into the bodies of helpless victims.

Dr. Lee Silverman, we thank you for your courage and commend you for putting your safety in your own hands by carrying your firearm. We are happy to see you alive and well, and wish you a speedy and full recovery.


It is also known that Dr. Silverman violated the hospital’s no guns policy, but they have since released a statement informing the public that they are looking forward to him returning to work after his recovery.

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