Doctor Who Stopped Shooter Will Not Lose Job, Hospital Praises Actions

There you have it. The hospital with a gun free policy is praising the actions of a Doctor who was carrying his concealed firearm while at his office. The Doctor’s name is Dr. Lee Silverman, and we are so thrilled to see this response from the hospital:


Here is a copy of the post text above:

We are thankful for the swift action of Dr. Lee Silverman, Dr. Jeffrey Dekret, John D’Alonzo and the other colleagues and visitors who took brave and difficult action during yesterday’s tragic event. We extend our condolences to Theresa Hunt’s family, and we are praying for Dr. Silverman’s speedy recovery. We look forward to Dr. Silverman’s return to serving patients at our hospital. We will do all we can to support the victims during this difficult time.

We continue to work with the Delaware County authorities to understand fully the details of the event. We are reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure a safe environment. We are committed to serving as a compassionate and healing presence in our communities, and we are grateful for the outpouring of community support

A man entered the Doctor’s office last Thursday and began firing at people in the immediate area. The Doctor engaged the shooter in his office and exchanged gunfire with him, hitting the shooter multiple times which successfully stopped the madness.

After the scene calmed down, the Police Chief praised the Doctor’s actions as well and stated “without a doubt, I believe the doctor saved lives.”

It is our hope that hospitals, businesses and agencies across the country that currently employ gun free zones, to reflect on these recent events and possibly rethink their current policies in the hopes of saving more lives in the future.

[H/T Bearing Arms]

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