House Unanimously Passes Bill Allowing National Guard Members To Carry Concealed

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA — Virginia lawmakers want to make sure that situations like last year’s shootings at the Chattanooga recruiting and U.S. Navy Reserve centers never happen in Virginia.

A unanimous vote by the Virginia House of Delegates sends a bill to the Virginia Senate that would allow National Guard members who hold a valid permit to carry a concealed handgun at Guard facilities while on duty.

The bill does allow commanding officers to restrict the carrying of a firearm during activities during which doing so might post a risk of danger.

Republican Delegate for the 85th District, Scott Taylor, a former Navy SEAL, sponsored the bill because he doesn’t ever want to see another Chattanooga: “I think it is a threat. I don’t think it’s a widespread threat but I think it is a threat and I think it’s something that we should be able to give them the ability to protect themselves.”

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