Attorney Breaks Into Elderly Couple’s Home, Throws Plants At Them — Gets Shot

RINGGOLD, GEORGIA — Straight-up mental illness is being attributed to one lawyer’s erratic nonsensical actions that resulted in two gunshot wounds to his arm. This story is so strange that we’re not really sure where to begin — so strap on your crazy goggles and read along.

According to the Times Free Press, Matthew Jack Fitzharris, 29, showed up to an elderly couple’s home and simply strolled in the front door with a blanket. The woman of the house told the stranger to leave and he allegedly responded that he’s, “not f***ing going anywhere.”

At this point, she had retrieved a handgun. Wise move. Still, she gave him the benefit of the doubt that he would acquiesce to her rather reasonable request. He said she wouldn’t shoot him and then she politely informed him that her husband was a former Marine and would gladly do so. To be perfectly honest, I’m guessing she really didn’t want to mess up the carpet at this point and was sincerely hoping the man would get the picture.

Her husband comes out and takes the gun. At this point, the lawyer does leave. He gets into his vehicle but then allegedly returns with the same blanket and heads upstairs to the apartment of the couple’s niece. According to records, he repeatedly banged on the door and asked for someone who didn’t live at that address.

The niece wisely decided to lock the door and call 911.

So, we can already see we’re dealing with a very special kind of character.

The couple didn’t immediately resort to deadly force which really lends much more credence to their character than the attorney’s.

Fitzharris still doesn’t get the picture and gets up on the roof and begins hurling plants down onto the couple. He threatened to hurt them and then he threatened to hurt or kill himself. In the end, he ended up charging down onto them when the husband finally leveled the gun at Fitzharris and gave him a final warning.

Fitzharris claimed that the man had no bullets in the gun. The husband shot once into the ground to give him a heads up of what was to come if he kept threatening them.

It’s pretty clear at this point that this guy is completely mentally unstable and quite probably suicidal.

Well, no sooner had that bullet lodged itself in the ground than Fitzharris charged the old man. And that Marine, bless his soul, shot that idiot twice in the arm.

Fitzharris got picked up by Georgia’s finest and got treated for his gunshot wounds.

The couple won’t be charged with anything but Fitzharris faces a litany of felonies and misdemeanors too numerous to elucidate here.

If anything, that couple were much too hospitable to this man but obviously didn’t want to hurt or kill someone needlessly.

As for us concealed carriers and gunowners, don’t fire warning shots. Carpet can be cleaned, potted plants picked up, and all possessions are replaceable. Don’t put yourself at risk for the benefit of one lone madman.

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