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Two Home Invasions In 24 Hours In Lafayette Leaves 2 Dead And 2 On The Run

LAFAYETTE, NORTH CAROLINA — Two separate home invasions occurred in Lafayette in less than 24 hours, and their outcomes were nearly identical.

In the first incident, two men busted down a front door and were confronted by an armed homeowner.

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office reports two men entered a home there. The homeowner exchanged gunfire and killed one of the men. The other man was still at large.

via wral.com

In the second incident, the only difference seems to be that a woman at the home suffered a gunshot to the leg.

Aside from that;

Police said they responded to the 400 block of Lands End Road around 6:48 p.m. to a report of a shooting. They said two men forced open the front door to the home. One of them was armed with a gun. The homeowner got his gun and exchanged gunfire with the two men.

The outcome? You guessed it; one dead intruder and another on the run.

Both instances saw an armed person inside the home, who wasn’t going to make themselves or anyone else inside the house a victim.

Two thugs lost their thug buddies. Is it enough for them to hang up their thug ways and realize that their life choices aren’t the best?

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