New Law Allows People With Emergency Protective Or Domestic Violence Order To Get Their CCW In One Day

A new law went into effect this past Tuesday in Kentucky that allows people who have been granted an emergency protective or domestic violence order, to receive a temporary concealed carry permit in just one day. The typical wait for those seeking a permit is anywhere from three weeks to three months.

If they do not wish to keep it, it will automatically expire in 45 days. However if they choose to actively go through the motions to receive their full permit, it can be renewed. Each person seeking this emergency permit still needs to complete a background check.

The video below is from an Ohio news station that compares the issues in both Kentucky and Ohio. It also shows people who are both for and against the law.

Knowing people that have been victims of recurring domestic violence, I say that this is an excellent law to put in place to enable victims to no longer be victims.

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