[BREAKING] Armed PA Doctor Shoots And Stops Killer In Gun Free Zone, Doctor May Lose Job

A Pennsylvania Doctor who was at work this afternoon, found himself staring down the barrel of a mentally ill man’s gun who was a patient at the same hospital. The shooting occurred at the Wellness Center on the Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital campus. The suspect exchanged gunfire with the Doctor, who luckily ignored the “Gun Free Zone” signs at the door. Had he not, he may have found himself in the morgue tonight.

At a 6 p.m. press conference, Delaware County DA Jack Whelan identified Richard Plotts of Upper Darby as the suspect. Whelan says Plotts, who was a patient, arrived at the Wellness Center shortly after 2 p.m. with his case worker.

Plotts along with his case worker went into the doctor’s office. A worker confirms he heard loud arguing at the time and walked into the office where he saw the suspect pointing a gun at the doctor. The worker did not notice the case worker in the office when he opened the door. According to Whelan, the worker quietly closed the door and called 9-1-1.

Police believe there was a gunfire exchange between the doctor and suspect. According to Whelan, two guns were retrieved from the scene. The suspect did have psychiatric issues and was a patient, according Whelan. Whelan also says various employees wrestled suspect to the ground.

A female in the building was killed, and two others were injured by the suspect. The suspect himself was shot multiple times in the torso, presumably by the Doctor.

Luckily, the Doctor was carrying a firearm with him at the time of this incident. It was noted that the hospital campus is a Gun Free Zone, so it seems clear that the Doctor did not obey the posted signs. Whether that’s illegal or not in PA, we aren’t sure. What we do know however, is that the Doctor is going home to his family tonight.

The Truth About Guns notes that the Doctor may face losing his job, as well as his license to practice medicine in PA.

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