“Mom’s Demand Action” TN/Nashville chapter doesn’t like to debate


Yesterday, the Nashville chapter of Mom’s Demand Action posted a photo of themselves outside of a Staples in their area. They were there to speak with management to convince them to create a chain-wide ban on concealed carry. While speaking with the manager, she let them know that she “carries all the time”. MDA then warns their followers not to shop at that location because an employee is legally armed.

We don’t have any problem with their views because we are free to express them how we choose. We live in the USA and it’s our right. What we don’t understand though, is their disregard of any debate from someone with opposing views. Any and all comments supporting the manager at Staples is deleted almost immediately, and the user is blocked from the page. We hope that one day, they’ll be open to debate (but we surly won’t hold our breaths).

If we dig into their comments on the posted photo, we find that they don’t make a whole lot of sense to us (but we couldn’t comment to start the debate):

ScreenHunter_33 Jan. 28 19.17

We’re not quite sure how this illustrates why stronger gun regulations should come about, but we do know that the following comment is pretty fascinating:

ScreenHunter_34 Jan. 28 19.17

If the manager had an illegal firearm on her, we highly doubt she’d be broadcasting it to a group of women who want to ban concealed carry in Staples locations. We do however, agree with the next statement that the firearms should be kept away from children. That’s what being a responsible gun owner is all about, and that’s a large driving force of our page. We’ve even written a few articles on the subject.

When we debate our 2nd Amendment rights, we appreciate and encourage a healthy debate from both sides. When the Concealed Nation page first started out, we had a lot of people on the page who were against concealed carry. They stuck around for a bit and debated with our followers who support the cause. It was healthy and it was necessary, just like any debate should be.

The history of MDA has been pretty consistent. They state their case, yet don’t want to hear the other side. Again, while we respect their views and opinions, we do not respect the way they ignore the opposite side.


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