Pasadena tx 1 intruder shot attempted home invasion

Mother And Son Duo Fire On Home Intruder, Who Is Now Spending His Days In A Coma


PASADENA, TEXAS — A mother and son allegedly used the same gun to critically shoot a sloppy home invader.  According to KPRC-2, the would-be invader smashed up to seven windows before entering the residence where he was shot once in the buttocks and again in the face.  Initial reports suggested he had suffered upwards of 3-4 gun wounds.  The home intruder, William J. Hazel, 43, lived about a mile from the site of the attempted invasion and is currently in a medically induced coma.  Once he awakens, officers are expected to interrogate him and determine a bit more of his motive and background in the attack.

Hazels’ prior criminal background includes a 3rd count of Driving Under the Influence, Driving With An Invalid License, and Assault and Injury of a Family Member.  But, if the statements given by his neighbors are any indication — otherwise, he’s an alright guy (*/s).

What is known about the case is both residents — a mother and her son — fired upon Hazel using the same firearm.  KPRC-2 news thinks there’s a story there, but honestly, that’s not even slightly important.  The important part was a mother and her son were able to defend their home after somebody intending them harm broke into their house.  Hazel smashed upwards of seven windows — this wasn’t a tactical break-in.  And the event occurred at 6:30 am, well outside the scope of “fly under the radar”.  He obviously wanted to be seen, feared, and counted on sheer brutality to ensure both of these people complied.


His plans changed abruptly thanks to a household that kept firearms on hand.  It’s one of the main reasons why we advocate educating our family members about handguns and always carrying while in the house.

Unfortunately, nutjobs like Hazel don’t bother to send a greeting card before raining down havoc upon a person’s home.  We shouldn’t expect the same in our daily lives, either.

Of course, if someone does send you a friendly greeting card warning that they will be breaking in at an approximate time, please do let us know how that went in the comments section below.

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GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun…

GH is a Marine Corps veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and has served as a defense contractor in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. His daily concealed carry handgun is a Glock 36 in a Lenwood Holsters Specter IWB or his CZ-75D PCR in an Alien Gear MOD holster.

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  • charlie baker

    I was hoping the article would elaborate on how both would be victims managed to wound the guy with the same gun, but it don’t say.

  • Just a concerned citizen

    Mr. England, this is why I left Texas. I happen to know this man very well and to the people who shot this man, I got this to say to you. It’s people like you who make the rest of the country think Texans are nothing more than dumb rednecks. Let me ask you a question. If your child had been in a black out state due to a sleep medication called ambien and was basically sleep walking not knowing where he was with no recollection of what happened. (and hello, thieves with a any sense don’t strike so openly ), would you want him gunned down like an animal. Yes, he also had alcohol in his system from cold medicine he had ingested the night before. A little bit better investigating sir would be advised.
    William is very hard working, loving and never has he been a thief. Yes, William has a troubled past. So what! At what point or when do we, as ex-offenders get to feel that our debt to society has been paid in the eyes of the our neighbors and fellow citizens. It’s no wonder so many offenders can’t get it together when we are looked at as less than human. Hell, you basically make it sound like we are all forever scum and deserve to die. I do not know one family in Texas who at some point hasn’t been touched by the TDCJ system which sadly is an abusive waste of taxpayer money and a joke at that.
    I think this mother and son realized something was obviously wrong with Mr. Hazel but (after they reacted like this was the wild west,) were worried about getting sued. Don’t you know Mr. England that the saying goes in Texas, “if someone is on your property, shoot to kill or they’ll sue you. It is sad that we think so heartlessly. We can be so selfish in our ways of thinking. I don’t want my children to think its okay to kill period. ‘
    Come on, there are people in Texas that clearly are trigger happy and should not own a gun. Lets ask the cowardly son to take a drug test. I guarantee you he wont be clean. Maybe you should have done a little digging on these people and this family who is supposedly very prominent in Pasadena with a few troubled stories themselves. Sorry but trash exists in families like these too.These people were looking to kill someone legally. Why haven’t they pressed charges?
    I myself am an ex offender who has changed her life. Does that mean we (ex offenders) deserve to be gunned down like that? Mr. England, with all due respect, this article insults your intelligence and makes Texans look primativ and barbaric. Let’s face it, it takes what to own a gun here in the Lone Star state? Hmmm…the only rules are no felonies, no violent offenses! What about having some of these people psychologically evaluated. Do not think for a minute that there are not people who exist who are wanting an excuse to kill. They shot him in the back Mr. England and not only that, why wont they release the surveillance tapes to the police. Hmmm…evil human beings these people.
    Common sense would have told me that there was something wrong with this man. Mr. England a little insight….criminals do not (especially thieves) look to get caught. I have told him several times to discuss what the ambien has been doing to him with his physician. I do know that since this incident he is no longer taking it and is petrified of it. Another thing Mr. England, why do 1t you research some of the side effects of ambien and I am sure you will see that Mr. Hazel has not been the only person to have issues as such. It scares me to think people like you run our media.