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Why I Will Never Open Carry: 5 Reasons


As part of our ‘policy’, we typically don’t cover open carry topics. After all, we are Concealed Nation. The policy wasn’t even a policy until it had to be a policy. Anytime we cover anything relating to open carry, a war plays out in the comments section of the post and article. Just watch. This time will be no different.

I get that some people are only for concealed carry and others swing the other way. Then, you have those who don’t care… just as long as you’re carrying. In the end, it literally doesn’t matter one bit as long as the carrier is being responsible. It’s really that simple.

Let me state that in a different way… just to be clear. I am not against open carry, it’s just simply not for me.

Why I Will Never Open Carry

For starters, it’s not even legal in my current state of residence. But even if it were, I still wouldn’t do it. Here are 5 reasons that I will never, personally, open carry:

1. I like the element of surprise

If I’m in a store when a bad guy comes in to rob the place, the last thing I’d want is to be seen with a firearm on my hip. Sure you can argue that it may be a deterrent in the first place, but reality shows me that most people are pretty oblivious to things around them. And when you factor in the adrenaline that would be running through the bad guy’s veins during an armed robbery, he or she is likely not not even notice the firearm on my hip.

But still, if I keep it concealed, there’s no way of being spotted.

2. I don’t like drawing attention to myself

I’m a pretty laid-back guy and when out and about, I blend in. Depending on where you live, the tolerance level from the general public will vary when they see someone walking around with an openly-carried firearm. For the people who aren’t really used to seeing it or just don’t like it, it’s going to draw attention. Hell, it’s going to draw attention no matter the case. I just don’t like it.

3. I maintain the upper hand while carrying concealed

This is similar to #1, but extends a little further. You want to have the upper hand as long as possible in a stick situation. If SHTF and I need to act, I should –in most cases– maintain the upper hand with my concealed firearm. Literally no one around knows it’s there. If you’re ordered to the ground by an armed bad guy and you comply, all you’ll need is for him to be caught off guard to make your move –if you’re going to make one. If you have a gun on your hip out in the open, you could be making yourself the new target.


Take this scenario: You’re in a bank with your openly carried firearm. Three bad guys come storming into the building and immediately order everyone to the ground. While scanning the crowd, one of them spots your firearm.

Guess who they’re going after first.

4. I don’t like people knowing that I have a firearm

Unless you’re this guy, I assure you that I’m not doing anything I shouldn’t be doing. I’m a law-abiding dude that carries a firearm around with him. Discreetly. Undetected. It’s no one’s business that I have my firearm. Hell, I don’t even like telling the majority of people that I hang out with. The only reason many people know is because of Concealed Nation. It’s kinda tough to run a pro-concealed carry website and not be outed for carrying a firearm.

If no one sees it while I’m out and about, literally everyone is happy and moves on with their lives.

5. I don’t want to make myself a target

Just because you carry a firearm does not make you invincible. I mention this with emphasis because some people truly believe that they are invincible as long as they have their firearm with them. They couldn’t be further from the truth.

With a firearm openly carried, you can inadvertently make yourself a target whether you like it or not. If someone around you wants that firearm, they could try and go after it. How’s your reaction time? How’s your holster retention? It’s happened before.

Keep it concealed and unless you’re printing, you’re the only one who knows that you’re carrying a firearm. Period. Done.

And that’s my 2 cents on open carry.

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Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady…

Brandon is the founder of Concealed Nation and is an avid firearm enthusiast, with a particular interest in responsible concealed carry. His EDC is a Glock 27 that holds Hornady 165 gr FTX Critical Defense rounds, and rides comfortably in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck 3.0 holster.

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  • BlueSCCY

    I open carried once on the way to the range before I got my permit… I was so uncomfortable. Standing in line at a gas station, scanning everyone, not letting anyone stand behind me… no thank you.. always vigilant, but I don’t want to have to be constantly hypervigilant…

    • ramv36

      So, you’re saying when you carry concealed you don’t scan people, let people behind you, and just act like a random zombie sheep?

      Maybe you shouldn’t have a ccw? You’re not doing it properly or safely.

      • BlueSCCY

        Hmm, no actually you said that. I said I don’t have to be hypervigilant when I conceal carry. There is a difference. Maybe you shouldn’t start jumping on people and being rude, it’s unbecoming.

        • Amaterasu_Junia

          I read what you said and noted something: You admitted that you were uncomfortable when you carried openly, which led you to feel the need for hyper-vigilance. Your basic behavior was no different when you open carried then it is when you carry concealed, but you felt more on edge with your sidearm exposed. In other words you were paranoid. Did you see combat while you were in the Army? You might have a mild, situation specific, form of PTSD.

          • vaterator

            I have never open-carried, however I can imagine feeling quite the same as BlueSCCY if I did. I don’t want ANYONE to know I’m carrying. And for the record, no PTSD here, I’ve never even been in the armed forces.

          • Chris

            Last time I open carried: I was at a Wal-Mart on the edge of town, I had just picked up some ammo. Now keep in mind I live in Arizona and we are the number 1 state for gun laws. I have a MP shield so its small and I was carrying it OC because we were about to go target shooting in the desert. I remember catching many glances (much more than my norm). When I was in the parking lot I had an encounter with a woman who questioned why i thought it was necessarily to wear a gun in public. I also had a second encounter where I let her pass me to get into her car (trying to be very polite), she said “oh I was just afraid to get in your way”, I said “feel free you can go ahead”, her response “okay your the one with the gun”. Keep in mind all of my interactions were with white people (I am half black half white and look like a big mexican)

          • vaterator

            Yeah, it’s interesting to me how the defenders of OC claim most people don’t care if they see someone open carrying their firearm. I live in a pro-gun state (WV) and work in another (VA), and I can probably count the number of average citizens (non-military and non-law enforcement) I’ve seen in public with a visible firearm on their person in my lifetime (I’m 42) on one hand. I can’t imagine everyone in my vicinity being all nonchalant and completely comfortable were they to see a 9mm on my hip.

          • Dan Muller

            All the more reason to OC.

          • vaterator

            To make people uncomfortable?

          • Dan Muller

            People are uncomfortable because of their ignorance. Some people are still uncomfortable around Black people. That doesn’t mean Blacks should stay out of sight.

          • vaterator

            I get the sentiment, but there’s a very good chance my boss would terminate my employment for open carrying in the office, not for being black. Ignorance or not, I’m not going to take that chance, and my coworkers are none the wiser (advantage: CCW).

          • Dan Muller

            A lot of people are still afraid of Mexican men and Black men. Ignorance is a sad thing.

          • Amaterasu_Junia

            I only pointed to PTSD as a possible reason for his paranoia. I pointed to paranoia being the culprit for his discomfort because paranoia is THE leading cause of mental, situational discomfort and it tends to make something routine seem exponentially more stressful. Paranoia isn’t necessarily a bad thing, though. Subconsciously triggered paranoia is a large part of instinct. The trick is figuring out when you’re just being paranoid and when you’re instincts are trying to warn you.

          • Dan Muller

            People don’t notice. Really.

          • – RS

            People dont notice? You have never noticed another open carrier? I call BS.

          • Dan Muller

            Calling BS on me? Well bless your heart. I didn’t say people never notice. People barely notice. I notice more people properly CCing than I do people OCing because I am looking for it. Of course people who carry notice other people who carry. It is part of situational awareness. It is also like when you buy a Toyota Camry you all a sudden start noticing a lot of Camrys on the road.

          • Chris

            No need for personal attacks. It doesn’t strengthen your argument at all, it just shows that you are grasping at straws. If you OPEN carry people notice it and they look at you more than if you didn’t have a gun/CC. (to say people that open carry don’t get noticed more is wrong because I notice it more therefore this assertion cannot be fact). The debate about how he feels about how people are looking at him miiiiiight be paranoia but if everyone is noticing you that is a smart paranoia. It is normal to notice when people are noticing you. Fact is if more people are noticing you the more chances of something/anything happening not necessarily a good or bad thing just something. This is why as a general practice around people/in cities CC>OC. Nobody is saying that OC shouldn’t be allowed, they are saying its not as good as CC because it exposes you to unnecessary risk when around people.

          • Amaterasu_Junia

            I never attacked him in any form. I merely pointed out the most likely cause of his discomfort, based on impartial observation and the application of proven science, to be paranoia. I merely asked if he saw combat because paranoia tends to go hand in hand with PTSD in combat vets. I didn’t even weigh in on the rest of the conversation. I, for one, am a proponent of mixes carry, meaning I prefer a method of carry in which the everything but the grip is hidden. It combines the best of both worlds when done properly; The grip can be hidden by something as simple as a blazer or your arm without actually impeding your draw. I’m also all for states to allow both CC and OC (Constitutional Carry) because shit happens and it’s possible for a CCer to be charged with illegal OC because their sidearm was exposed without their knowledge, just as it’s possible for an OC to be charged because something happened that impedes their ability to OC, whether safely or at all, which leaves them with little recourse but to conceal their firearm for an indeterminate amount of time. All three carry options have their strengths and weaknesses.

          • Dan Muller

            See my reply to RS above.

      • BlueSCCY

        I’ve spent 7 years in the army, had that awesome anti-terrorism training so I’m pretty much am expert (just kidding) but I am the guy who sits so he can view both exits, I am the guy who plays out scenarios in his head everyday about what he would do if a situation broke out in the place I happe to be in at the moment, I am the guy sscanning waist lines for the buldge. You wanna talk trash, do it to someone you actually know, because you have no idea who I am and what kind of training/experiences I’ve had.

    • Ted Jeffries

      I’m pretty sure BlueSCCY was referring to being worried about someone trying to snatch the gun from behind. That doesn’t mean there is no vigilance when carrying concealed.

      • BlueSCCY

        Exactly sir.

    • Dan Muller

      I was uncomfortable the first couple of weeks I carried. I OC. After a while I figured out that almost nobody noticed I was carrying and I was fine.

  • t_reese

    Been carrying since I was 21. Always concealed unless in uniform. I’m 66, retired and continue to carry, always concealed. Your 5 points are right on the mark!

  • Namtaf

    Ditto. I have my CCL and open carry isn’t for me either, per se. But I do appreciate that my state has open carry laws. As such, I don’t have to obsess about someone inadvertently seeing my gun when I bend over, if my jacket blows open, openly carrying it to my truck, etc… I’ve read nightmare stories of concealed carriers in states were open carry is prohibited arrested because someone caught a glimpse of their gun. I feel sorry for you guys and gals in those states.

    • Tim Bucktoo

      Here we have Constitutional Carry, open or conealed without a permit either way.
      With that said, I prefer concealment.. due to threat analysis, it works both ways. I would be targeted first and rendered ineffective if caught be suprize.

    • Dawn Appelberg

      I refuse to ask the goverment permission to carry a weapon of my choice in the manner i choose.

      • Jordan PanKratz

        Yeah, who cares about laws! That’s for all those sheeple, right!? If I don’t agree with a law, I just ignore it. Who cares if you live in a state that doesn’t allow open carry, do it anyway! All they can do is arrest you. I’m sure the judge will understand when you tell him/her that you don’t live by the same rules others do and you won’t conform to the government’s imposition on your second amendment rights!

        Seriously, if you don’t like the law of the land, put pressure on your state Representative, or move… don’t be a statistic for the left to broadcast in their media. Please understand that if you choose to open carry, you are an ambassador for the 2nd amendment whether you like it or not.

        • Dawn Appelberg

          spoken like a true socialistic servant. Who said anything about breaking the law? I just decide to open carry. Oh and by the way, I have done a hell of a lot more than you know about legalities and laws….unlike some CoD cowboys….

          • Jordan PanKratz

            I assumed that you were implying that you open carry, either without a license or where it is prohibited, because you “refuse to ask the government permission”… and we all know what happens when we assume. I don’t know you or what you’ve accomplished, I just thought your comment was silly. Why did you immediately resort to name calling? And why would I be considered socialist for obeying the law? I don’t want to assume again…

  • Bill Redding

    You’re “not against open carry” but then go on AT LENGTH to vilify it. Right…

    So no, you do NOT “get it.” At all.

    And as for “Anytime we cover anything relating to open carry, a war plays out in the comments section of the post and article. Just watch. This time will be no different.”

    …a self-fulfilling prophecy, right? Just to diminish what anyone pro-OC would say before they even say it?

    MAYBE, just maybe they DO have some good & valid points re: OCing, so maybe you’re just WRONG on the OC issue — which would explain the disagreement of those people you refer to: They’re trying to educate you. But no, you’ve decided otherwise I guess, preferring to focus on someone disagreeing with you vs. the merits of what they’re saying. And regardless of any OC facts, will continue to believe otherwise.

    The “5 Reasons for not Open Carrying” (OC) are silly and sounds like what one would hear in a coffee shop passing by a table of Liberals talking — pure fantasy and without substance. But if ALL of you want to believe in such Fairly Tales — makes you feel better (“comfortable”) — then go ahead. But it’s not reality. However, you all do clearly prove (once again) not just how ignorant the general public is about OC, but how ignorant concealed-carriers (CC) are, even if they SHOULD know better, supposedly being “gun people.”

    Regardless, since you ALL feel the very same way, and seem completely unteachable re: OC (so trying is probably futile), I’d not want to see ANY of you guys (or gals, as we have women OCing also!) out there with me or other OCers (in the Free States anyway) open-carrying either, because you’d all be a liability instead of any help.

    And to top it off, you said “you would never OC” — so again, 100% unteachable. Anyone who’s LIVED long enough knows better than to say “never” (and “always”) — about ANYthing. Why haven’t you? Where have you been all your life?

    [rhetorical questions as you have no good answers — maybe older but none the wiser for it]

    So just carry-on CCing in the shadows — with your myopic “thinking” (unlike OCers who have a much wider view, not suffering from tunnel-vision) — as it suits you timid folks so much better…but don’t for a moment think your reasons for not OCing have any merit at all — they’re just clueless. And you don’t even know it — or WANT to.

    Regardless, the facts don’t change even if you don’t believe them.

    OCers aren’t AT ALL against CC — we do THAT, too, and know all about it! Conversely, CCers know nothing about OCing, yet insist on being against it — for NO good reasons — and can’t be educated otherwise. Sad…

    But THAT is one big reason I invite CCers to our OC Events here in Colorado (and OCers invite CCers to their OC events in other Free States, too): To TRY to educate them. In spite of themselves. ;-)

    So use THIS post as an example of “wars playing out in your Comments section” so you can just blow OCers off vs. really thinking about what they’re trying to tell you…but I do thank you for the opportunity to post a “counter-point” here, if only for a more “fair & balanced” Comments section. You know, allowing a “token OCer” to post a dissenting view.

    But again, being against OC (or simply in-denial) won’t change the facts. America is a Free Country (for now) and you have a right to remain ignorant if you choose to do so…as apparently you all have.

    Good luck — you’ll need it,

    — BR

    • OneOfTheGoodGuys

      BR. Why are you reading a blog called “Concealed Nation?” If we’re all so ignorant, why do you want to read what we have to say? Btw, I have OC’d and CC’d. I don’t bash either group.

      • Bill Redding

        Simple: EDUCATION…even if resistance if futile. I used to be a teacher, so I can’t help it — I still TRY to educate. Teachers abhor ignorance, whatever type it is and wherever it’s found — it goes with the job.

        But WHY would anyone want to REMAIN ignorant? Actually, even INSIST on it? Is that the “tipping point” where one crosses over from ignorance to stupidity?

        So when anti-OC nonsense comes up — like this article — SOMEONE should post a counter-point…and it wouldn’t be any of the “choir” HERE doing so, would it? So it HAS to be an “outsider,” yes? Make sense now?

        Besides, as Perry Mason often said to the Judge when Hamilton Burger objected to a point Mason brought up, the Judge would say Burger “opened the door” to Mason so the objection was over-ruled. Same here: If Concealed Nation is only for discussing CC, then why do an article on OPEN carry, especially one perpetuating lame reasons for not OCing? It has to be objected to, yes?

        So the “door was opened” for objection (and cross-examination), if you will…yes?

        MAINLY, however, I come here just to read the latest “armed citizen” incidents (BTW: OCers are armed citizens, too)…but usually am disappointed seeing people not doing their Civic Duty/Public Service when criminals survive said incidents. Sad…

        But if YOU aren’t an “OC-basher” then I’m not talking about you…but not bashing OC doesn’t mean you “get” OC. Concealed Nation doesn’t.

        I don’t, however, want to argue (aka: “debate”) this issue and I’ve stated my “counter-point” above, so I’m done — I was just answering your question.

        My alien friends in Roswell, NM, (who have been living there in a secret location since 1947) keep telling me that “Resistance is futile” every time I visit them…but I keep trying to educate people re: OC anyway. ;-)

        So…”the choir” here has been told it’s ignorant. Now, what is “the choir” going to do about it? Remain ignorant about OC and stick their collective heads back into the sand or, look into it more — but this time with an OPEN mind?

        It’s your choice…

        But don’t say from now on you “didn’t know any better” — you do NOW.

        — BR

        • Christopher Awbrey

          BR- you must like hearing yourself talk. Just because you are willing to write allot doesn’t mean are making good points. Your arguments are purely normative while what you are arguing against are facts. Everything pointed out in this article are the weaknesses of OC vs CC. These benefits/weaknesses are undeniable. Just because you like something does not remove its strengths and weaknesses. OC is good camping and rural areas

          • Bill Redding

            Mr. Awbrey,

            Don’t hate me because I write better than you do, and communicate better also. Or even because WHAT I say (content) makes more sense than what YOU say.

            If you keep at it, however, just maybe YOUR writing/communicating skills may improve. But even if they did, WHAT you say is so far off from reality it wouldn’t make any difference anyway.

            Good luck,

            — BR

          • Cecil Howard

            I have already posted why element of surprise is nonsense. Can we agree with each other that we are on the same page we all support our second Amendment. And instead of arguing come to getter and support one another. This stuff ia why moms against gun violince love for you to do. Lets use some civility in our post.

          • Dan Muller

            They are not undeniable. They are arguably disputable. : )

        • OneOfTheGoodGuys

          I still don’t understand what makes someone ignorant for exploring both OC and CC options and choosing to CC. Are you saying that it is ignorant for me to conceal my weapon to give me an advantage over an attacker? Do you disagree that if an attacker doesn’t know I’m armed I have an advantage? I understand the concept that an attacker may choose another target if he sees my weapon, but what about the attacker who uses that intel to merely change his attack strategy? If you choose to OC that’s fine with me, but why am I ignorant for choosing another method? I think I’m pretty well informed (i.e. the opposite of ignorance) about the pros and cons of OC and CC.

          • Bill Redding

            As I said, I had my say, so won’t be “debating” you guys further on this.

            It’d be futile.

            …please resume your regular programming…

            — BR

          • OneOfTheGoodGuys

            Thanks bro! Glad we can respect each other’s opinion. Carry on friend!

          • Chris Leaver

            He’s not saying it is ignorant to choose CC. He’s saying it is ignorant to continue to bash OC when there are reasons to OC.

          • BlueSCCY

            Apparently these people think that not wanting anyone to see your weapon so you have the element of surprise is not important. Because no one would ever mess with them with a gun on their hip, because the element of surprise isn’t something that has been battle tested since the beginning of time. No amount of logic will sway them and they will continue to feel that anyone who does t think open carry us a good idea is “just like the antis” and attacking them personally. You can’t win with these guys. Let’s just hope they are right, because if the situation arises when they are not.. it will be their life, not mine.

          • Dan Muller

            Try OCing and see how many people notice you are carrying. Hardly any do.

      • Kathryn

        Bill seems like an angry guy who makes the rest of us constitutional carry advocates look bad. I hope people who read this article don’t think all of us are total asses like him. People should carry in the manner they are most comfortable and the law should not prohibit either way.

        • PavePusher

          And your concern trolling sounds like it comes straight from the Anti’s play-book.

          Please cite to where he seems “angry”.

    • Betsy Smith

      “It makes me uncomfortable” is a perfectly good reason to refrain from doing something. That statement is judgement neutral and doesn’t disparage those who choose differently. Paul Smith.

      • bomber bob

        It makes you uncomfortable,tough,get over it or move to Canada where it’s illegal.

        • Betsy Smith

          Yes, you tell my marine combat veteran husband to go anywhere and do anything for any reason, bob.
          Betsy Smith

        • ManitouWarrior

          If someone is uncomfortable open carrying their own firearm they should…move to Canada? Take a breath there, Bobby.

        • PavePusher

          I think she meant uncomfortable for her to do herself, not that she was uncomfortable seeing it on others.

      • Dan Muller

        If it made ‘me’ uncomfortable to OC I would not. I OC almost all the time. I have never noticed anyone becoming uncomfortable because of it because hardly anyone ever notices. People who are uncomfortable with the sight of a legally worn firearm are probably still afraid of black people. They are just ignorant.

    • JCBoston69

      You sound kind of sensitive about the subject. I didn’t see anything vilified. I saw a well thought-out tactical article on why the author chooses not to open-carry. I agree with the assessments. You can simply reply with an equally well thought-out tactical post on why you prefer open carry. Example: “I don’t want to worry about the weapon snagging on my shirt as I reach under to grab it.”

      We’re all free to carry in whatever fashion the law allows and for whatever reasons we deem important.

      • OneOfTheGoodGuys

        You’re just ignorant! /sarc

        • Bill Redding

          Outstanding, Mr. GoodGuy…welcome into the light! ;-)

          “We’re finally getting somewhere now!” — Inspector Clouseau

          — BR

      • Bill Redding

        The article is based on FALSE PREMISES, so yeah, I’m a tad “sensitive” about that. ;-)

        Sorry you’re not afflicted with CTS (CriticalThinkingSyndrome), so I understand why you’d completely agree with the article.

        Plus, your “gun snagging on my shirt” point is so myopic (and irrelevant, incompetent and immaterial — Perry Mason) I’ll just let you run with that…

        I must say, however, that you CCers never stop proving how insistent you are at remaining in the dark.

        Good luck,

        — BR

        • JCBoston69

          Bill…if you were as good at critical thinking as you seem to think, there wouldn’t have been a single personal insult in your post. And I’m not really sure why you call me an OCer, when clearly one who is good at thinking of any kind would find it obvious from my post that I’m far from it.

          But it’s ok…I’m used to people who don’t even know me insulting me. In fact, I get paid for it. I am afflicted with CTS (Cop Training Syndrome), and I tend to think of everything in tactical terms.

          Hope you have a great day, Bill.

          • Dave G

            If you weren’t carrying a badge issued by your local government, so that you can enforce rules on others, could you carry concealed concealed without needing a permit? Or would you have to pay a fee, in order to get a permission slip from the gov’t? What is your recourse if/when they say “no”?

            That is THE problem:They found a way to impair a civil right, and make money while doing it. … and you are justifying their actions.

            Tactical considerations aside, being a constitutional carry state voids having to find a balance between exercising rights and or treating the right as a privilege with a price tag.

          • JCBoston69

            I’m not sure how you think I’m justifying anything. Does anyone actually read the whole post before replying to it?

            I live in CO. Even cops need CCW permits here, but the police ID is the permit (not being sarcastic…they generally have the CCW permit part on the back). Most cops also apply for the standard county-issued permit in case they find themselves suddenly without the ID permit.

            CO is a “shall issue” state and is also an open-carry state. We have pesky home-rule cities like Denver, but over all, the state is pretty free.

            I do agree with you on this point, though. You should never need permission to exercise a Constitutional right. I have never, in my 5 years of civilian law enforcement, asked anyone for his permit. And the felon argument would be self-correcting, I think. If you’ve served your time, you should have your rights back. If you can’t handle those rights, someone else will handle them for you, permanently.

          • Bill Redding

            Yes…my mistake. I sometimes interpose OC for CC and vice versa. Clearly, it was a typo, not in any way related to “critical thinking” as you erroneously attributed said typo to.

            I’ll change that TYPO now…

            …but given the context, you probably guessed that’s probably what happened, yes? Especially considering my position as stated here all along? You didn’t?

            As for cops, I’m pro-cop as MOST of them are good cops, not bad cops. Even though it’s fashionable nowadays to vilify them, I’m not one of the “Hands up don’t shoot” brotherhood of trash…

            — BR

          • JCBoston69

            No, I didn’t get it from the context…I just thought you weren’t paying enough attention. In any case…while I, myself, carry concealed when not on the job, I don’t necessarily oppose OC. It has its place, but the tactical concerns in this article are legitimate ones, and I personally choose not to OC. And guns, can snag on shirts if you carry with a holster (which is recommended for muscle memory, as opposed to carrying in a different place you have to actually think about before drawing), and is a constant concern for me. I hardly see that as myopic. .

            OC is good, in my opinion, to keep the public aware that guns can be and are owned by law-abiding private citizens, which, being from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts originally, I can tell you is not a mentality that exists everywhere. And my fear is that when everyone CCs, people will believe that no one has, therefore no one needs, a gun for personal protection.

      • Support The 2nd

        JCBoston: This:

        Is a well thought article. Read it, see the difference, and then you will understand.

        • JCBoston69

          I’ve read it and disagree with most of what was said. There are many false premises. “You will lose” is one of them. The false premises for that statement alone is that everyone accosting you wants your money, that those who hold you up are always willing to hurt you, and that you actually will lose. The papers are full of people who successfully defend themselves with guns. Read “The Armed Citizen” in any of the NRA magazines.

          Other false premises: Everyone has a moral problem with taking the life of a violent criminal, whether by self defense or an “offensive attack” in a robbery situation (we cops call it “defense of others”, and therefore don’t need to arrest someone for such an “offensive attack”). I have no such compunctions. I see violent criminals as rabid animals that need to be captured or put down. You don’t commit armed robbery or assault by accident, and I don’t feel even a little sorry for you when you take a dirt nap.

          From this article, one might infer that the only legitimate use of a concealed firearm is defense of self, but assuming that there are other people in most of the places that you go, the chances of you being the one singled out for attack are small.

          I support open carry for those who prefer it. I don’t do it off duty. If you honestly believe that it makes me more likely to be victimized, so be it. But if someone holds me up with a gun, I’m not using my gun to kill him anyway…I’m using his. A knife presents much more serious tactical issues, but I’ll take my chances. I’ll probably get cut, but my attacker will get dead.

          Again, I’m on your side, but please don’t throw turds like this at me and tell me they’re diamonds.

    • Randy Gruber

      It is about choice. Even if I was in your state where OC is legal all the time I would be the guy who is standing next to you concealed. It has nothing to do with me not supporting 2nd amendment rights. On that topic we are both on the same team. Carrying a firearm locked and loaded (because if you are doing it any other way than what is the point) in public is a big responsibility and requires discipline in either case, OC or CC. I choose CC because I believe anonymity is on my side. That comes back to choice again. Why do I care if I see people out their exercising OC. That is your choice.

  • PavePusher

    “…a war plays out in the comments section of the post and article.”

    Probably because every time carriers who oppose Open Carry start talking about it….


    Ponder that.

    • PavePusher

      Seriously, do you have any citations to STATISTICALLY MEANINGFUL evidence, or, like the anti’s, just your opinions and feelings?

      • Brian Streetman

        You need statistics to prove OC draws attention? That’s honestly his main point. Article could’ve been titled “A reason I’ll never OC”

        • PavePusher

          No, you need stats to show that it actually creates a problem for the carrier.

          • The point of his post was that OC draws more attention, not that it creates a problem. To suggest that open carrying does not draw more attention is like saying that walking into a store with your penis hanging out won’t draw any more attention to you than if it wasn’t. Of course it will and how ridiculous it is to suggest that it wouldn’t or that statistics are need to quantify such a claim claim. It’s just simple logic.

          • PavePusher

            “I don’t want to make myself a target.”

            Sounds to me like he thinks there is a serious problem there… but he offers no evidence to support the claim….

        • Dawn Appelberg

          I have stats that prove oc actually deteres crime

      • Steve

        His piece IS titled, “Why I will never open carry” That implies opinion will be spouting forth. If you disagree with him it doesn’t matter, unless you are the type of guy who thinks there is only one way to carry the one correct gun. That doesn’t make sense. If the article were titled why I will never eat a steak again it would garner little attention.

        • PavePusher

          I simply believe that we shouldn’t be using the same fact-free scare tactics as the Anti’s, and that it should be pointed out when it occurs.

      • Dan Muller

        Aaaaand here we go!!!

        • PavePusher

          They never have anything to support their claims with….

          Again, just like the typical Anti.

          Weird, that.

    • BigBro50

      100% Agreed! :)

    • Рон Джамин

      I usually think “asshole” when I see an Open Carry person outside of hunting.

      • PavePusher

        Your ignorance and bigotry are noted.

        • Рон Джамин

          Page torn out of the leftist insult book? Asshole.

          • PavePusher

            That’s all you have? At least give me some NCO-level vitriol here, I’m too calloused for this amateur shit.

          • Рон Джамин

            can’t waste my time with a bitch like you. see ya

          • PavePusher

            But seriously, did you have anything substantial to add to the conversation, or are the insults the pinnacle of your debate strategy?

          • Рон Джамин

            Go back to your mothers basement and resume jerking off over yourself. Tired of you bitch.

          • PavePusher

            So you’re just a poo-flinging monkey. Got it.

            Have a nice life.

          • Dan Muller

            Now you’ve gone and insulted monkeys. You should be ashamed. People who aren’t confident enough to carry OC always go on the attack, projecting their own inadequacies.

          • Рон Джамин

            Open carry is for wanna-be gunslingers. Usually wackjobs who were beat up as a little kid, pussies, pantywaists, who get a hard-on carrying their weapon. Most are assholes, some are activists.

          • Ed Woodson


          • Jordan PanKratz

            No really, you sound highly liberal in the way you form your words. Especially the use of vitriol in a sentence that is baiting another response over a simple disagreement. Agree to disagree and get on with your life. Or are you too calloused for reason?

          • Рон Джамин

            Jordan, Pave has “little dick” syndrome.

      • Seth Strong

        So what is your name in English, I usually think bad of people who don’t reveal their identity.

        • Рон Джамин

          I usually think that people who can’t read are illiterate. Not my problem sethy boy.

      • disgustedindallas

        Me too, but I’m probably just biased because every person I’ve met who was passionate about OC was an asshole.

        • Рон Джамин

          I agree. And the number of conceal carry people I know is about 100 times as large, or larger. They like flying under the radar. OC people, well, they love to swagger because their little penises and balls can’t.

    • William Snapper

      That’s CRAP!

      • PavePusher

        How convincing….

  • ayydubb

    This type of crap doesn’t do anything except get pro-gun people yelling at each other about OC vs CC. It’s completely counterproductive.

  • Lawrence Travers

    It is legal to open carry in my state. I conceal carry have my permit. I don’t openly carry for those five reasons stated in this article, but also, for the reason that if I openly carry and some one should freak out and call the police, I could be cited for disorderly conduct, for causing a a panic by openly carrying. Weather you carry open or concealed you have to be responsible for what actions may be caused by your carrying and the consequences

    • MKE gal

      It’s really sad that the laws in your state are chilling your free & peaceful exercise of a civil right.
      It’s also illegal.

      I live in WI, and there are 2 statutes which very clearly & specifically say that absent any other action (such as waving it around & shouting) simply being armed with a firearm (OC or cc), or handling it, loading/unloading is NOT disorderly conduct.

      The person who freaks out & makes a false 911 call is the one who should be arrested/cited/fined. You are not causing a panic. You are exercising a civil right. You are not responsible for what other people do. As long as you’re not deliberately trying to frighten them, it’s their problem to deal with their emotions. Walking through the grocery with a holstered pistol visible on your hip is NOT a threat. Anyone who takes it that way is an idiot who should not be let out of the house alone.

    • Grits.N.Jowls

      If you live in an open carry state how can you be cited for a legal activity? I really don’t care if someone “freaks out” as long as they don’t make a move towards me physically. The only actions I’m concerned about is whether or not I have to use it, not how people “react” publicly. The very act of wearing a gun or any weapon is an open warning to others(both cops and criminals) to keep their distance.

  • Jeff Nicholson

    Your points are spot on, and accurate. The entire point of carrying is to protect yourself (and others) from harm. If the bad guy(s) sees your firearm, you’re not protecting anyone anymore. You’re toast.

    My humble opinion….anyone who open carries when concealed carry is a viable option (almost always) is simply wanting to draw attention to themselves…”Hey, look at me! I’m a badass! I carry a gun!”

    And, just for fun…

    Glock is better than 1911.
    Pepsi is better than Coke.
    Mary Ann over Ginger.

    • OneOfTheGoodGuys

      Dude! Now you’re just trying to pick a fight! (btw Coke is better … so is Ginger)

      • Jeff Nicholson

        Ginger, or Jeannie?

        • Imjingo

          Ginger, or Jeannie? – Jeannie and Mary Ann!

          • Jeff Nicholson

            I do like your altitude.

    • Imjingo

      Glock is better than 1911. – Neither.
      Pepsi is better than Coke. – Neither.
      Mary Ann over Ginger. – Mary Ann.

    • MKE gal

      Other than certain protests, usually against police who don’t know the law & have harassed someone who’s OC, I know of nobody who OCs in order to draw attention.
      That’s projection on your part.

      I OC because it’s more comfortable.
      It’s easier to get to in an emergency.
      It’s educational.
      It’s legal without a license. (But yes, I have several.)

      And I usually cc as well. Because I can. It’s my civil right.
      At work (and around my mother) I _only_ carry concealed. I don’t think anyone at work would have a cow*, but the holster would likely get in the way of my work, and there’s no reason to think I can’t get to my purse in time if something bad is happening upstairs, before it gets to my work area. Also no reason to think that my purse is in any danger of someone getting into it who shouldn’t.

      *I work for a major nationwide LE/fire/EMS uniform & equipment supplier. Our customers are often armed (many have TERRIBLE firearm safety skills!), and I know at least one other employee carries at work… and we have a small shop. If everyone is in, there are 10 people. So at least 20% are carrying, and it wouldn’t surprise me at all if 2 or 3 others do too. Not sure how it is at any of the other stores, but there’s nothing against it in the employee handbook. :) I’ve walked up to the sales office to see 3 of the guys (including the manager/VP) comparing their rifles, talking about going to the range together that evening.

      • Jeff Nicholson

        Not projection, observable fact. When you walk into a Walmart, or walk down the street with a firearm visible, you are 100% wanting to draw attention. If you see someone in Walmart OCing, does that not get your attention?

        The last thing a responsible carrier needs, or wants, is attention. OCing draws attention. If you OC, you are drawing attention, and you’re doing it deliberately.

        • Bill Redding

          MOST PEOPLE DON’T EVEN NOTICE OCers. So where’s all that “attention” we’re getting? How many OCers have you seen in your local Walmart? How many elsewhere you go? If you’ve seen ANY, how much “attention” do they get? Probably NONE — you’re just making it all up.

          Every time you post you confirm the vast extent of your cluelessness with further evidence of it. Really…

          And yes, we DO OC deliberately — did you just NOW get that? And yes, we OC for good reasons. The fact that those reasons continue to elude YOU (even though we spell them out for the “reality challenged”) is completely irrelevant. As your “HO” is: Nothing to learn from you there as you’ve nothing to teach. At least OCer’s opinions are based on practice/personal experience.

          How would YOU know anything about OC when you never DO it?

          You don’t…and it shows.

          — BR

          • Bill Redding

            Most people do notice OC’ers I just through out that false premise to make my illogical logic make some sort of sense.

          • Jeff Nicholson


            That’s an ignorant statement. A person openly carrying a gun IS noticed. If you don’t notice them, perhaps you should get your eyes checked. I certainly would not want to rely on you to notice a threat, if you don’t notice someone carrying a weapon.

            I’ve never seen an OCer in my local Walmart (and, unlike you, I pay attention). I have seen an OCer in Home Depot not long ago. Actually, there were 2 of them…Husband & Wife. I spotted them from the far end of the aisle they were in (unlike you, I pay attention).

            No, I don’t OC. I’m not a clueless, butthurt attention hog, like you.

          • Bill Redding

            Mr. Nicholson,

            It took you THIS long to come up with something, even if it only proves what I said earlier about you being ignorant, as you’re (once again) completely wrong? The only thing worse about being clueless is being in denial. In your case, you truly prove the “Ignorance is Bliss” saying.

            Let’s see: You don’t know JACK about OCing, never OC yourself, but still tell me (or any other OCer) what OC is all about. What’s wrong with THAT picture?

            Like “people notice” — No, most people do NOT notice. I didn’t say NO ONE notices, did I, SOME do and yeah, I notice the people who notice, at least most of them. But that’s OC-SOP, and part of an OCers SA (vs. a CCer’s SA which is different) — but that goes without saying (for OCers), even though it’s something YOU know nothing about because you never OC. It’s much like some guy telling me how it is in combat when he either was never even in the military or if he was, never in a combat zone. Or some tree-thumping pagan telling a Christian what the bible says.


            But back to you: Besides being such a timid, wimpy sort (a big reason you don’t OC because you’re afraid of anyone noticing YOU, and possibly confronting YOU about it, maybe only mad-dogging you with their liberal anti-gun stare, which you would find too “disturbing” — besides your being paranoid, of course), you still know nothing of what you speak. If you CC, you probably haven’t even given THAT much thought, either. That’s okay, you’re just average, and average people aren’t deep thinkers, are they. Just one zebra (or wildebeest, your choice) in a herd of thousands, one the same as the other. Well, at least you KNOW you’re ignorant about OCing now…so what are you going to DO about changing that?

            [a rhetorical question only because you won’t change a thing — but that’s okay also, since you wouldn’t qualify to be an OCer anyway]

            As for “butthurt attention hog,” I don’t even know what that is. I guess the “butthurt” part is some gay code-word (?) you inadvertently let slip. Men (real) I know don’t even use words like that. But it’s another topic entirely, and I’d be on the other side of your “gay rights” issue also. Big-time.

            — BR

          • Jeff Nicholson

            “this long” had nothing to do with it. I simply hadn’t bothered to look at this thread anymore, until I had several notifications backed up, and took the time to look at them.

            Anyway, go away child. Someone dares to have an opinion that differs from yours, and all you can do is cry like a baby. OC all you want. Show the world what a “big man” you are. Judging by your posts, I’d say it’s a 99.9% probability that a 1st grader could take your weapon away, and beat you with it.

            It’s easy to call another Man “timid and wimpy” when you’re protected by the anonymity of the internet. It’s been my experience that gals like you run like a rabbit when actually face to face with another Man.


          • Bill Redding


            …but your story has become tiresome. And no, you don’t get to touch my monkey.

            We dance now…

            — Dieter (“Sprockets,” SNL)

        • Andy Losavio

          That’s total BS.

          • Jeff Nicholson

            Why? You have facts/data to prove it’s BS?

            Actually, it’s an opinion. Do you know what an opinion is?

    • Grits.N.Jowls

      In your opinion.

      • Jeff Nicholson

        I believe I clearly stated that.

    • Bill Redding

      Mr. Nicholson,

      Yes, “look at me” is certainly a valid comment…but NOT in the way you (and most of the clueless — and they are LEGION) mean it as it has ZERO to to with “being a bad-ass.” OCers aren’t by nature immature fools like that. Are YOU?

      RATHER, it’s the ONLY WAY a carrier can do any “D&E” out there in public — CCing just doesn’t cut it.

      …it’s just that simple.

      — BR

      • Jeff Nicholson

        So, since I have an opinion that differs from yours, I’m a clueless, immature fool?

        My opinion is invalid, but yours in recorded in the Library of Congress?…”it’s just that simple.”

        This tells me than you’re probably the poster boy for the “Hey look at me” nitwits.

        You have no business being anywhere near a firearm until you grow up. A lot.

        • Bill Redding

          Yes, you said it. But you indicted yourself with this 100% USDA Prime example of nonsense:

          “My humble opinion….anyone who open carries when concealed carry is a
          viable option (almost always) is simply wanting to draw attention to
          themselves…”Hey, look at me! I’m a badass! I carry a gun!” — Jeff Nicholson

          I don’t know of ANY OCer I’ve met who has ANY such “bad-ass” BS attitude. DO you know any, or just making it up. I say the latter — for sure.

          So I guess you’re a “CC bad-ass” then, since YOU also carry a gun? Except being as afraid/timid as you are, you don’t want anyone to KNOW you have a gun. Wow…

          Whatever, if that’s how you think (like a kid) then your “HO” isn’t worth any further consideration…

          BTW, standing in front of the flag (your avatar) — what’s THAT all about? An ignorant “American” and proud of it? What a shame…

          — BR

          • Bill Redding

            But then again I don’t have any friends so I don’t know anybody with any types of attitude. I just carry my gun OC and start telling people the proper way to do things and people head for the hills!

      • Bill Redding

        I don’t have a real job or any real responsibilities besides ranting about what the public thinks.

  • John Smith

    The guy who taught my CCW class said something I totally agree with. He said, “If you carry, conceal. Deep concealment. The 999,999 times out of a million that you don’t need to draw your weapon, no one should know you have it.” I carry. I strongly believe I have the right to carry. But I haven’t seen anything that convinces me of the need to open carry and I agree with a lot of the reasons to carry concealed. Each one makes his own choice, but my choice is concealed.

    • MKE gal

      One of the rarely-understood reasons for open carry is to cement in the minds of everyone around us that normal people are armed. People they know carry for self-defense. It’s not strange, it’s their neighbor, their co-worker, etc.

      Simply by doing my grocery shopping, I am educating people around me. (The ones who notice. Most don’t.)

      So when the next “gun-control” bill comes up in the news, maybe they’ll think a little bit, and realize that it’s not going to stop a criminal, but might harm their nice neighbor.

      Also, hiding something often equates with being ashamed of it.
      I’m no more ashamed of being lawfully armed than I am of voting.
      Hidden is out of mind. Hidden is “not quite right”.

      • John Smith

        Good points. Well stated. I still prefer concealed. I carry for me, not for them.

        • Bill Redding

          Right…so you’re completely useless in educating/desensitizing the public.

          BTW, OCers carry for “us” to…but at the very same time we do it for others, too. As described earlier in this thread. We’re not thinking selfishly “microscopically” as you are, OCers are thinking “macroscopically,” if you will.

          But continue being the camel…we all have free choice, and that’s yours.

          Good luck,

          — BR

          • Bill Redding

            On a second note. Do you like pizza with pepperoni on it? I was thinking about going to #Ilovepizza and tell everyone how much I think it sucks? I plan on spending all day telling them that they don’t know how to properly handle pizza because I am a pizza veteran that should be respected.

          • John Smith

            Bill, you sound like a peach of a guy. I’m sure you make the rest of us look good when you swagger around in public. Since I’m sure I can’t undo all the “good will” you undoubtedly spread, I think I’ll need to stick to CC so that I’m not associated with you in any way.

            Good luck,


          • John Smith

            Or let me put it this way in case you misunderstand my sarcasm; if you are this abrasive and argumentative with those of us who basically agree with you, I can imagine you offend and anger ‘antis’ everywhere you go. People like you do not do any favors for Americans who believe the Constitution clearly gives us the right to keep and bear arms. If that changes it will be, in part, because of people like you who offend and anger.
            (Not wishing you good luck, just an attitude adjustment.)

    • Bill Redding

      Mr. Smith,

      The guy who taught MY (Colorado) CHL class NRA Certified Instructor) was as ignorant as yours re: OC. Just goes to show you that even the so-called “experts” don’t know enough about the subject even to be in the conversation…

      Since this was a CC class (!) I didn’t get why he went off on OC — maybe because I was the only one there wearing an empty holster (“No guns or ammo allowed in the building” so I had to leave my gun in the car, at night, in a downtown area — not cool)? But it sure did seem OT, yes?

      Anyway, I didn’t argue with the “expert” just spent my required time there and got my Certificate…then went to my County Sheriff Department and got my CHL.

      All’s well that ends well? ;-)

      — BR

      • John Smith

        Wow. I suppose I should just let this go, but I’ll respond one more time. First, I carry concealed. I will continue carrying concealed. And I’ll do so hoping and praying that no one will ever know I’m carrying because there will never be any need for me to defend myself or others using a gun.

        However, you are mistaken about some things. First, it was perfectly acceptable for my instructor to talk about OC because we were at a CC class and he was explaining the difference in the light of a fairly new law. He also talked about the law and how it references “weapon” and not “gun” or “firearm.” He showed us the law and thouroughly explained what we were getting a license for. He also said that OC was not technically illegal and that we could have chosen to do so without the permit; our permit specifically covered CC.

        Second, he did not “go off on” OC. He, in fact, said that we could do so WITHOUT THE PERMIT we were working toward; because the permit did not give us the right to carry openly, just concealed. Thus his statement makes total sense; if you are using a concealed permit to carry, and you’ve chosen to conceal, conceal. And if you are not going to conceal, you don’t need to be here getting the permit. His point was valid: if you’ve chosen to carry concealed, don’t flash it or partially expose it, conceal it. And don’t walk around with your gun out in the open thinking your permit is what gives you the right to do so.

        The laws in Iowa may have changed since then, or they may be applied and interpreted differently than they were at that time, but my permit still does not grant me the right to carry (I think I can still carry openly without a permit), it grants me the right to carry a concealed weapon. My instructor was not ignorant, operating without knowledge, and perhaps you should refrain from doing so yourself.

        • Bill Redding

          Mr. Smith,

          Well, be sure to remember all those “points of law” when the time comes to deal with a violent criminal within the very few seconds you’re going to have as for sure HE won’t be slowed-down at all thinking about any law, so you’re already at a disadvantage playing catch-up.

          Good luck with that…

          BTW, I said MY instructor “went off” on OC, not yours. I just said yours was as ignorant as mine about OC. He probably still is. MOST CC instructors are. So is the NRA, where CC instructors are usually trained so they ARE authorized by the state to teach CC classes. Now, where are they supposed to learn anything about OC? So they just parrot the fictitious “negatives of OC” they heard someone else say, and it’s perpetuated. The same old song, just like many people here are doing. Ad infinitum…

          As we’ve said, it’s a CONCEALED CARRY class, not an OPEN CARRY* class. So you’ll hear these negatives about OC from most CC instructors due to simple ignorance — I guess, as I’m not sure they’d deliberately spread misinformation…would they? ;-)

          For example, there’s one CC instructor who has his own website in Friendswood, TX, and he’s into instructing big-time in that area and everyone knows him — he pretty much has NOTHING good to say about OC…so as savvy as he is about guns, self-defense, shooting skills and CC, he knows jack about OC. That’s just how it is with CC instructors…so maybe it’s THEY who shouldn’t say anything about OC at all, not me — I’ve been DOING it for years, not just talking about it.

          — BR

          *Yes, in states where OC is legal — the Free States (not to be confused with the Slave States lots of other people live in), there should be some way for people considering OC to get some REAL and PRACTICAL info on the practice…there isn’t. That’s one reason we have informal OC Events: To meet up and talk about all this stuff…CCers included.

      • Bill Redding

        I learned everything I know from an idiot, quote me on that!

  • Danny Griffin
  • Pod

    Open carry should be an option, everywhere. That way if you want to, you can.

  • ron53

    You make 4 very valid points . I say 4 because two of them cover the same point as you said yourself . I am old and not fast sometimes so I believe the surprise factor will be a better way to go . as to the OC people that are taking offense to how we see it I wish you well and hope you live to fight another day .

  • For those who want to open carry – please do so as long as it is legal to do so and that is what you want to do. I prefer the CC and exactly for the 5 reason mentioned in the article. But I too am not offended or question those who open carry. In closing I also want to say OC or CC I hope neither of us ever have to draw our weapons – ever. God Bless and be safe.

  • Sean Gilliam

    i agree 100% with this article.

  • v2iper

    Great article you missed the Little Penis part !

  • Adam Moc

    1) Not only have you explained that the element of surprise for open carry is no less likely than the surprise with concealed carry, but you give no examples of it ever even happening with open carry.

    2) Open carriers are rarely ever noticed and, when they are, most of the time no one even cares. If they did, you’d hear of a lot more police stories than the grandstanders on YouTube.

    3) Back to #1, there are still no examples of an open carrier being noticed 1st by an active shooter. This scenario is only logical if it’s ever happened.

    4) For someone who claims to be all about gun rights, you obviously don’t care that much. You want to keep people oblivious to the fact that law abiding citizens do indeed carry. You’re quite the hypocrite on this point.

    5) I don’t deny that it has happened. I know it has. However, in the last 2 years, I’ve heard of it happening only twice, including the situation you linked. Compare that to the hundreds, maybe thousands, of concealed carriers being attacked in that same time frame, I’d say that concealed carriers are more likely to be attacked than open carriers. Furthermore, do your research. The situation you linked happened in an OR county where OC is only legal if the gun is unloaded. Do I need to explain how useless an unloaded gun is?

    If I’m wrong about any of this, and you have statistics and/or other evidence to the contrary, by all means post it up. Until then, your best bet is to keep these opinions (because that’s all they are) to yourself.

    • BlueSCCY

      I’ve actually seen several videos of people being attacked because they where open carrying. Some actually on this very site….

      • Adam Moc

        All of them in the last 2 years? These situations outnumber the amount of concealed carriers who get attacked? These situations occurred in active shooter/bank robbery situations? You need to be more specific than that.

        Simply saying you’ve seen videos is not proof to discredit my statements. Try again.

        • BlueSCCY

          Okay then, let me make this simple for you. If you open carry, people can see you have a weapon. If you conceal carry (properly) people can not see that you have a weapon. Take it as you will. If you argue that fact, you are a moron.

          • Adam Moc

            I’ll take that red herring as a symbol of your having no clue what you’re talking about and wish to spread your emotion as fact the way the anti-gun crowd does.

            Of course if you open carry people will see it. Some times, that’s the point. So what? Did I ever say they wouldn’t? You’re not very good at this.

          • BlueSCCY

            Just carry on bro. I believe people should have the right to open carry, it’s just my opinion that it’s not a good idea. Obviously you have a different opinion. So let’s just agree to disagree.

          • Adam Moc

            Fair enough. Have a nice day

          • BlueSCCY

            You too sir.

          • BlueSCCY

            It’s not a pissing contest and there is no right or wrong. I’m just trying to share the logic that’s led to my opinion. And why the hell is everyone always so quick to get defensive? Relax a little for fucks sake.

          • Adam Moc

            Umm…who got defensive? All I’m saying is that what you’re trying to pass off as logic is indeed irrelevant due to the fact that open carry is meant to be just that. Open. Open carriers have no issue with people knowing they are carrying.

            Your original point of “logic” re. the number of times open carriers have been attacked is indeed not logic at all, as you still can’t link to any source that says open carriers are attacked more frequently than concealed carriers.

            Logic and common sense dictates that there must be evidence to prove a statement made to be true.

          • BlueSCCY

            Okay, perhaps I meant offensive. “Try again” and “you’re not very good at this.” Seemed like unnecessary statements.

      • PavePusher

        Citations, please?

        • BlueSCCY

          Those are just two I could find now. There are a few I couldn’t find, but I did see them. I’m not a liar, rather you believe it or not.

          • PavePusher

            I believe you, but I don’t think it adds up to a statistically significant trend.

          • BlueSCCY

            I hear ya. But it doesn’t take a statistically significant trend to end you.. just one moment.. one fluke.

          • PavePusher

            And that justification, as I’ve mentioned previously, is exactly the type of argument used by the Anti’s. Irony, eh?

          • BlueSCCY

            No I wouldn’t say so. Since my opinions don’t involve stomping on peoples rights. Stop trying to compare me to an anti gun person. It’s pointless.

          • PavePusher

            When you use the same non-factual scare tactics, why would you complain when it is pointed out?

          • BlueSCCY

            Oh my god dude, let it go. It’s not a scare tactic it’s a fucking opinion …

          • BlueSCCY

            I’m done with you bro. Carry on…

        • BlueSCCY

          There are a few citations incoming.. but links need to be approved…

        • BlueSCCY

          Guess they didn’t want to allow the hyperlinks.. so no citations available.

          • PavePusher

            You can break them up into non-hyperlink format, I can piece them back together. Simply leave a space instead of the periods.

    • Jeff Nicholson

      “….your best bet is to keep these opinions (because that’s all they are) to yourself.”

      Um…you do realize that the article is what’s known as an ‘Opinion Piece’…don’t you?

      On a website chock full of ‘Opinion Pieces’.

      Why should the author have to keep his opinions to himself?

      You obviously have no problem expressing yours.

      • Adam Moc

        I have an issue with people spreading lies to push their own agenda. If you’re saying you have no problem with people spreading lies based on their feelings, you’re part of the problem.

        I expressed no opinion. I simply pointed out the fallacy within this article. Opinions are fine as long as those who speak them are open to suggestion. However, the person who wrote this is spewing the same anti-OC echo chamber rhetoric that has been proven false several times over.

        • Jeff Nicholson

          Your points 2 & 4, are clearly opinions.

          You didn’t point out any “fallacy”, you simply gave your view (opinion) from the other side of the issue.

          What “lies”, exactly, did the author tell?

          • Adam Moc

            Did you even read my entire post? I pointed out lies in every point and I gave explanations. I even offered the opportunity for him, or anyone else, to prove them wrong. If you can prove my points wrong, by all means do it. If you’re going to run in circles, you’re wasting my time. Good day to you.

          • Dan Muller

            His point 2 may be his opinion but it is my experience ever day.

    • Aaron WC DI Watson

      THANK YOU ADAM!!!!! You echoed my thoughts as i read this. #3 i hear ALL the time by these people and i always ask: “show me one documented case of that happening”… stupid

  • ramv36

    “Take this scenario: You’re in a bank with your openly carried firearm.
    Three bad guys come storming into the building and immediately order
    everyone to the ground. While scanning the crowd, one of them spots your

    Guess who they’re going after first.”

    I know who they’d be going after first: THE FLOOR, because before they get to ordering people down, you should already have shots off, IF you’re practicing situational awareness.

    • Brian Killian

      I am curious as to where you would loie that allows a person to carry into a bank? I know in tn that is grounds for getting attested lol

      • Kathryn

        That was the scenario used by the author of the article. But you are correct that guns typically aren’t allowed in banks. So it was a dumb example for the author to use.

        • OneOfTheGoodGuys

          In Georgia, banks are not GFZ. I have carried in the bank, but I usually CC. No one panics because no one knows.

          • Kathryn

            My Texas bank does not have the appropriate signage to actually prevent concealed carry. (Not sure if that is intentional or not.) We will see if they put up correct signage when open carry goes into effect in January. But for the article, a convenience store might have been a better example since many banks are gun-free zones. And convenience stores are a favorite target of robbers.

          • Jeff Nicholson

            Same here in Indiana.

        • Bill Redding

          Well, sorry to “enlighten” you (and possibly against your stubborn-mindedness) but here in The Great State of Colorado (and other Free States as well), I ALWAYS OC when I visit my local Wells Fargo banks.

          So far, so good…

          Have even had some very pleasant conversations with the staff there, several of whom do the very same thing — but not while on the job, of course (due typical but terribly flawed Corporate Policy not allowing employees to carry, even CC)!

          But they DO like to see others who ARE able to exercise their right of self-defense…

          — BR

          • Kathryn

            What? I am not sure which comment you are replying to. Brian asked about Ramv36 using a bank as a scenario when many banks disallow guns. I pointed out to Brian that Ramv was simply quoting the example given in the article and that it might not have been the best example for the author to choose because of restrictions. Not sure how you got out of that the impression that I was against open carry or that I was stubborn minded. You should probably read the entire thread before commenting. It could save you some embarrassment.

          • Bill Redding


            I was replying to what YOU said, not the article:

            “That was the scenario used by the author of the article. But you are correct that guns typically aren’t allowed in banks.” — Kathryn

            “Guns not typically allowed in banks?”

            And the other thing you said: “Many banks disallow guns?”

            Where did YOU get that?

            So YOU are not correct — for banks here in Colorado and I suspect in the banks of other Free States also. So any “embarrassment” is yours alone.

            STILL not up to speed re: banks yet?

            Thanks for playing, but your story has become tiresome. And no, you can’t touch my monkey. We dance now!
            — Dieter (“Sprockets,” SNL)

            — BR

          • Kathryn

            Perhaps you should read an article before going to the comments section to pick a fight. I have read all of your comments and you just seem like a bully intent on forcing your will on others rather than trying to persuade them with a reasoned argument. You are not doing the open carry movement any favors by making people think we are bullies.

          • Bill Redding


            “Reasonable arguments” is like lukewarm pablum-speaking politicians and media “news anchors” — or a bunch pf Ph.D.s sitting around intellectualizing about world issues: It does nothing, no results, nothing is accomplished. Just words — that’s why they call such people Talking Heads. They may as well just read a script (and most do — whatever’s on the teleprompter!). Only people who have a “passion” for something get anything changed (for better or worse — but that’s another topic) — “activists” if you will. But It’s always been that way. Especially nowadays in America where people want to make “not being offended” or even “not being made to feel uncomfortable” a Constitutional right!

            Absolutely outrageous!

            I’m not trying to force anything on anyone, especially CCers and especially since they insist on keeping their anti-OC views. But they DO need to be challenged as they’re inaccurate. So sometimes it’s just a plain old fistfight re: these “hot button” issues and you just try to give what you get. Nothing “bully” about it. Self-Defense — with words. As mentioned, OCing gets hit from several sides, and, we’re outnumbered (partly because few people have the guts to OC as they imagine lions & tigers & bears if they DO, even though it’s no big deal).

            As for “reasonable arguments” I also do those as in explaining what OCers do CCers can NOT do — what I wrote about “D&E.” Plus, all the other stuff I’ve written in a number of forums over the years re: OCing. All “reasonable arguments.” But in the (often unmoderated) Comments sections of most places, it’ s a brawl, and you just do the best you can to survive.

            Again though, “reasonable arguments” with no passion behind them does absolutely nothing. Never has. One may as well be a droid.

            Ted Koppel (droid) is a prime example of an emotionless pablum/mealy-mouth “reasonable arguments” speaker. Sorry, I couldn’t be “reasonable” like him even if I wanted to be. Or a “Great Compromiser” like Senator Bob Dole was in office. You NEVER compromise RIGHTS, period.

            Whatever, you can have the last word as I’m done here in “your” thread…

            — BR

          • Bills a douche

            they say that doing this online venting is not good for you Bill. Instead of venting and feeling better you actually just keep going on and on and on. Instead of talking to other gun people about how they got it wrong why not talk to people that are against guns.

          • Bill is tarded

            Fact most banks in the world prohibit OC.

          • Kathryn

            Also not sure I would get too arrogant when you guys weren’t able to get rid of Hickenlooper.

          • Bill Redding

            True…but *I* didn’t vote for the fool so *I* put my vote where my mouth is, yes? Couldn’t do much against the swarm of Liberals in places like Denver, and perhaps Boulder…but we OTHER Colordans — especially here in the Springs and even if outnumbered (though Hickenlooer WAS worried for a while as votes came in) — let him know he’s a jerk and needs to go…

            So…may I be “arrogant” then? Even though you poorly choose your words since “arrogant” doesn’t apply to FACTS as facts can’t be arrogant, only people can, and the fact is Colorado is still a Free State: The UNpermitted right of Open Carry, period. Contrast that to states where no OC is allowed (Slave States) or, OC only with a C permit. Which is yours?

            But we DID get rid of 3 liberal Colorado state legislators in a Recall due to their anti-gun voting…THAT be a fact, too.

            Are you up to speed on carrying in BANKS now, Kathryn? Hope you’re not the typical liberal slow learner…

            — BR

          • Kathryn

            I haven’t made a single comment that would imply I was against open carry or a liberal. In fact, if you had bothered to read my other comment, you might have come away realizing that I support open carry. But either English is not your first language or you came on this site to find someone to pick a fight with and thought a girl made an easy target. People who like to pick fights make the rest of us 2A and constitutional carry advocates look bad.

          • Bill Redding

            It’s the impression I get (reading between the lines) that you aren’t an “ardent” OC supporter, as if it’s inferior to CC (it isn’t, it’s just different — neither is superior to the other). If you ARE, and I was erroneously lumping you in with the others who aren’t pro-OC, then I apologize here and now for offending you.

            But really, LOTS of CCers SAY they’re “okay with OC” — until they start posting the stuff you see here agreeing with a terribly flawed article — the “5 (silly) Reasons” to be specific.

            As for picking a fight, I HATE arguing…and as for picking a fight with a “girl” that’d not be a good idea in YOUR case, would it — as you’re armed, yes? So, you’re not an “easy target” at all, are you…

            Anyway, I again apologize for any misunderstanding I had re: your position…

            As for English not being my first language, it sure is, and I speak/write it well enough (and better than most).

            — BR

            Oops! One last thing: Did you know that MOST “gun owners” — and consequently gun carriers — are LIBERALS? Yes…they may own/carry guns but their social/cultural views are flaming liberal. The vast majority of “Americans” (term used loose as it means very little nowadays) are Liberals, be they “gun-owners” or not. So calling a gun-owner/carrier a “Liberal” is WAY more often correct than not. Perhaps even YOU may hold all sorts of “currently trendy” social pistions that are 100% LIBERAL (such as pro-gay, pro-multiculturalism, pro-abortion, pro-ethnic-diversity, anti-Christian, pro-immigration (legal or not), and so on…even if you ARE pro-gun. So think about it.

            — BR

          • Kathryn

            Might i suggest that you catch more flies with honey. It is hard to win converts by attacking their sincerely held beliefs, whether those beliefs are correct or not. It is a war of attrition. Get them used to seeing guns everyday, have then realize that their arguments don’t hold out and eventually you will win over most of them. Bully and intimidate then and they will just dig in their heels.

          • Bill Redding

            Yes you may…and will take it under consideration. But I’m reminded of what Claire Wolfe said:

            “”America is at that awkward stage. It’s too late to work within the system, but too early to shoot the bastards.”

            …consequently, I’m not sure “honey” is gonna work at this point.

            Perhaps this disagreement is all just a part of the “choosing sides” process if there is to be any Civil War II or Culture War I. :-(

            — BR

          • Kathryn

            An accurate assessment. The system is certainly broken.

          • Bill is retard

            Bill is a retard…

          • Jeff Nicholson
          • Bill Reddings and Idiot

            OC is for people in rural areas, people with to much time on their hands, or people that place priority of comfort over concealment.

      • Dan Muller

        Perfectly legal to carry OC or CC in banks in Georgia.

  • Selfdestructed

    Wow, another Anti Second Amendment troll article written by a concealed carrier. How original.

    • Рон Джамин

      I don’t oppose Open Carry, just think they are assholes for doing it. No law for looking or acting like an asshole…. ;)

      • Selfdestructed

        Exercising a right is being an asshole? Oh wait, you “don’t oppose Open Carry” *wink wink*

        • Рон Джамин

          Yes, you can wear a pink tutu and a thong and parade around town….perfectly legal, but a sure sign you’re an asshole.

  • MKE gal

    Sounds like you repeated the same reason 5 different ways.

    As for people noticing, most don’t. Most are oblivious. Even people who are in the 2A community. The ones who aren’t just don’t see it. I have hidden-camera videos I’ve made around Milwaukee showing the complete lack of notice & reaction by probably 99% of the people around me in various venues, including a bank. This applies to criminals too. They’re going to be looking for police uniforms, looking for the clerk, the safe, not looking closely at a customer’s belt to see if that’s a phone case or a holster.

    The bit about being a target? Of the hundreds (maybe thousands) of news articles I’ve read related to lawfully-carried firearms, I know of 2 (maybe 3?) where someone had their pistol taken because they were OC, and one was an armed robbery (by a bad guy who was committing the crime of CCW). And I know of one man who was murdered by a drugged-up teenage inner-city thuglet with a pistol who walked into the stop-n-rob with that pistol in hand & pointing at people.

    OTOH, I’ve read at least dozens of postings by people who noticed the criminals noticing them, who then backed off when they saw the pistol. One was on film, and the police who responded said that yes, definitely, the carload of thugs was intending to rob the gas station, saw the OC citizen, and called it off. They told the guy to send it to the NRA.

    I prefer deterrence. I prefer criminals making an informed decision that I’m not a soft target, & moving on to someone who is unarmed (or at least looks that way). Nobody hurt, no paperwork, no news story. Yes, I have a retention holster. Yes, I’ve done hands-on combat retention training. And yes, I’m usually also carrying concealed (legally).

  • Tater Salad

    I open carry on occasion. Usually it is just because I work in an office where I wear a suit and my jacket easily covers my weapon. If it is hot like the Iraq desert outside and I have to be in it for any length of time I am not keeping the jacket on.

    When I do OC like this, I always step up my awareness a bit and I have to say, I don’t think most people notice at all. They are too busy with smartphones or music buds.

    I understand all the reasons you point out that you won’t OC. I agree with about all of it and I am glad you made the opening statements you did. I guess I am one of those “Just so long as you carry…” folk.

  • Grits.N.Jowls

    And that’s your opinion that I disagree with. Period. Done. Open carry is the only way for me.

    • Bill Redding


      I see BOTH OC and CC as having merit…so OCers should not be like most CCers and insist on remaining blind to the other form of carrying. It’s not any improvement in the currently adversarial CC/OC situation, is it.

      The problem I’m having is the hard-core CCer side of the aisle (meaning MOST CCers) won’t even consider the merits of OCing at all, and is often outright hostile to it. THAT needs to change…

      Even though I OC, I DO have a CC permit…but I NEVER USE IT here in The Great (and Free) State of Colorado — I OC exclusively, and EVERYWHERE I go here (except Denver/Denver County where OC is illegal). The only other places I do NOT OC — and can’t even CC if I wanted to — is by law: The USPS, the SS Office, VA Clinics and the military bases we have here in the Springs. Meaning, Federal Property.

      Otherwise, I OC exclusively…

      But, my Colorado CC permit DOES come in handy, even if rarely: When I visit backwards Texas! I MUST CC down there as OC is illegal, and even when OC does become legal (January) it is ONLY legal with a CC permit…so TX is still backwards — thanks to Gov. Abbot for singing ANY OC bill that came to him (as I suspected) instead of demanding one catching TX up with most OTHER states (and preferably the Free States).

      But here in CO — and when I visit NM also — I OC exclusively, and never had a need to CC here at all.

      — BR

      • Bill Redding

        I am a big flip flopper. I have read into the facts and I agree that OC is just bad. It can be done but it will make you look like a redneck that needs to be questioned.

  • Gordon

    Interesting. In your first reason, you mention that on one is going to even notice it because, in general, people have not awareness. Then you go on to say you will never open carry because it will “draw attention”, “make you a target”, etc. which refutes everything you say in the first point. You just negated all 4 last “reasons” by what you said in the first one.

  • joecar1949

    i prefer to open carry, just a personal choice. It’s part of my 2nd Amend. right. As you can see in Ferguson, Missouri it’s common to see an AR-15 being being touted to warn off possible looters. In Flint, Mi. we are carrying long guns and pistols to protect military recruiting stations. The police and pedestrians don’t mind. Although there are anti’s who challenge us. They have a right to free speech. Ain’t America grand?

  • Gary Griffiths

    …and one more reason. There are people who are deathly afraid of firearms and those who carry them. I don’t agree with their fears, but I believe it is rude to unnecessarily frighten them by openly carrying. Also I don’t want to deal with the hassle of being proned out by the local yokels if someone panics and reports a robbery in progress or some such crap.

    • Bill Redding

      …and so, it’s better to NOT exercise a right in order to show respect/consideration for ignorant clueless people (when they show none for you) and also avoid a POSSIBLE frightening of the sheep.

      Right…got it. :-(

      Sorry, I can’t be that generous or understanding…

      BTW, your avatar is misplaced: America didn’t win any wars being afraid to offend people (as you are). Nor being pansies (which sadly, is trendy nowadays I guess).

      So is “We support our troops” yet won’t let them be armed when they come back — so they’re victims waiting to happen. It’s outrageous that when I go to a supermarket and see soldiers in uniform there — ALL unarmed — that only I, an armed citizen could do anything if “something” happened. What a GLOBAL embarrassment that our own troops aren’t allowed to protect themselves — I don’t know of any other country that has an unarmed military. Just pansy, PC America. Shameful! And it goes all the way up the Chain of Command to our sorry President. And troops die because of that policy, yet the policy remains.

      Trust our troops to be armed in a combat zone, but don’t trust these same troops to be armed when they get home. At the very least, how utterly insulting…

      — BR

      • Bill Redding

        I can’t even believe I typed this myself. I need to stop drinking so much. What was I thinking.

  • Kathryn

    Open carry adds one more option for people. If you aren’t comfortable doing it, then don’t. I see it as a way for me to be able to comfortably carry a full-sized firearm. Something that isn’t always easy for women to do when they are trying to conceal. Behavior draws attention as much or more than the gun itself. If you are unable to be situationally aware without appearing nervous or suspicious, you probably shouldn’t open carry. To each his own. Just don’t vilify those who make a different choice than you.

  • mikedell

    I do both. Have no problem with either. If you do open carry, at least have some retention on your holster. Other than that, carry on!

    • Bill Redding

      you have changed my mind. I will start to only CC. OC is for big dummy heads!

  • BigBro50

    war War WAR!!!!

    • PavePusher

      Are you O.K.?

  • Rob Pierce

    Can any of you gun nuts help me, I’m looking for Michigan law that states ammunition has to be carried separate from the firearm. Also looking for the laws concerning loaded magazines.

    • Chris Leaver

      Well, you can start by not using condescending and inflammatory words like “gun nuts.” You come across like a jerk who’s only using us for free info.

      If you do not have a CPL and are transporting guns in a vehicle then yes, gun has to be unloaded and in a separate container from ammo and in the trunk or out of reach of the driver (no glove boxes). If you have a CPL you can have it loaded and in your holster on your waist if you like. If you do not have a CPL and the magazines are in the same container as the handgun, then they also must be unloaded.,4570,7-153-10366_37141_37706-31579–,00.html

      • Rob Pierce

        Don’t be so sensitive princess. I was only using gun nut as people who love guns. I was trying to find this info you gave me my self. Thanks for the info. Sorry to hurt your sensitive feelings.

        • Bill Redding

          Mr. Pierce,

          Don’t take unneccessry offense as nothing personal was intended I’m sure. It’s just that “Gun Nuts” is a term often heard out there and “as seen on TV,” the term is often a pejorative, and often associated with loners, mass shooters, etc..

          It’s kind of like when the media says “assault rifles” when they are NOT. It still makes a negative impression on the public…

          — BR

          • Rob Pierce

            I’m sorry if I hurt your feeling bill.

          • Bill Redding

            Mr. Pierce,

            No, you didn’t — one needs to have a somewhat thick skin when you’re a member of a tiny minority — OCers — as we get “it” from all sides: The anti-gun public, media and other “gun people” as well.

            I just wanted you to know there was likely no personal insult meant by Mr. Leaver.

            Or me…


            — BR

          • Rob Pierce

            So bill you don’t enjoy shooting guns in anyway

          • Bill Redding

            No more than I “enjoy” any other outdoors activity. I don’t get “into” things that have no cosmic/eternal significance really…like most things people do in life: Sports, cooking, American TV (sitcoms and reality shows), and a bunch of others. Couldn’t care less about Hollywood or so-called “celebrities,” either.

            Just the way more important things…

            But then again, maybe I’m a “Alien hybrid” so it’s possible I just can’t relate that well to traditional (and very average) Earthling pastimes. ;-)


            — BR

        • OneOfTheGoodGuys

          I’m a self proclaimed gun nut.

          • Rob Pierce

            I love shooting my guns whenever I get the chance. I understand that guns are tools. If you don’t get a little giddy shooting shit with Thompson submachine gun then you aren’t human

          • Bill Redding

            …I find going out shooting an extremely boring activity — I only go when I have to (like sighting a new gun or or whatever). If I’m “not human” then perhaps I’m a hybrid.

            I mean, I DO have Alien friends I visit occasionally in Roswell, NM, and possibly I was an abductee (which I wouldn’t remember, of course) and so…


            — BR

            P.S. I shot automatic weapons (and for real) when I was in a combat zone…not exciting then, not exciting now. It was just a job. And further, I was the only guy on patrol who didn’t fire my M-16 in full-auto — semi auto only, and wouldn’t take a shot where I couldn’t make a hit. But maybe that’s just me…

            — BR

    • Bill Redding

      “Well, you can start by not using condescending and inflammatory words like “gun nuts.” — Chris Leaver


      And actually, Mr. Pierce, I’m not even “into” guns at all — they’re just a TOOL. A very important tool (!) but still, just a tool.

      As for where to find info on Michigan gun laws, one place you can ask is over at the OCDO forum/website…in the Michigan sub-forum. At the same time, your MI brothers can update you on “alternative forms of carry” — if you’re open to that…

      Good luck,

      — BR

  • Chris Leaver

    I’m not going to respond to any other comment that already exists. I’m just going to throw this out there, mainly for the author’s consideration.

    What if you consider it your duty to help restore a desensitization to open carry? What if you are part of a group who’s mission is to educate people on self-defense and carry laws? What if your state is full of PFZs but if you have a CPL, you can open carry in those PFZs?

    I’m in the position where all three of those apply. The only way we are going to win back our rights is if we educate the public against the ignorance and lies spread by Mayors Against, Moms Demand, etc. This is why I open carry. Fine if you don’t want to. But how are you helping people get used to open carry for anyone other than police? More importantly, if you don’t open carry how are you going to defend yourself in a PFZ?

  • Bill Redding

    Since this article is getting so many comments, I’m re-posting some “commentary” I did in an earlier article here @ Concealed Nation (which probably no one is reading anymore, since it’s WAY back there around page 7 and entitled “How To Deter And Prevent An Active Shooter”). I mainly focus on differences between a CCer and an OCer:

    In order to offer some REASONING why I was/am critical of the anti-OC (Open Carry) crowd, here are 2 of the MAIN reasons for OCing: “D&E.”

    D&E…two things CCers can NOT do because they carry concealed.

    D = Densitizing: Letting the public (and sometimes cops who also need this, but usually only in the beginning since after a few lawsuits and lots of $$ being paid-out losing them, the Police Departments/Cities/Towns/Villages wake up and let people ACT LEGALLY with no further interaction/harassment) see this EVERY DAY: Decent “We the People” citizens carrying a gun — and nothing bad happens! Incredible! So no need to — as “Seen on TV” — freak-out, run out the door, scream, soil their clothes, hide under a table in a fetal position whimpering as per usual liberal “defensive” reactions (all of which, of course, won’t save them). It’s just an armed citizen! And it’s America, not some other anti-gun/anti-armed citizen country (meaning, pretty much ALL the rest of the world)! So it’s no big deal, even if OCers be Unicorns also — meaning, not seen much in these here or those there parts! ;-)

    E = Educating: Many people don’t know their “gun rights” so they think OCing a gun isn’t even LEGAL (that people around them may be CCing legally or illegally goes without notice of course because the gun is hidden), so they think a PERMIT is required to OC (only true in SOME states). So SOME of these people, seeing YOUR gun, will ask you about it. Usually, it’s “Are you a cop?” or similar. NO, you’re not a cop and you don’t HAVE to be a cop, you’re just a citizen — like THEY are (we need to dispel the “he/she must be a cop” misinformation). Again, people need to see NOT ONLY cops OCing out on the streets but “We the People” carrying, too.

    Why should We the People — the supposed MASTERS here in America, “consent of the governed” and all that you know — be afraid to OC when their SERVANTS — the cops — do?

    Since when are the SERVANTS in a society ever GREATER than their MASTERS?

    Never…so remind them of that: Open Carry.

    So someone asking questions when they see an OCer allows a conversation that’d NEVER HAPPEN while CCing because no one SEES the gun: An OCer then has an opportunity to “spread the gun gospel” about the RKBA, 2nd Amendment, and encouraging people to exercise their RIGHT of Self-Defense (be it CC or OC, but at least encourage them to CARRY). So people not seeing “guns out there on the streets” makes them never think about ANY of these things. Or even think about how THEY will defend THEMSELVES in some criminal encounter (or not, and die). Of course, little do they know who is CCing around them (even criminals!), but again, the main point is people who CC aren’t seen, so no D&E is going on.

    Yes, it takes people made of “sterner stuff” (found in most Americans in the PAST but not so today) to OC, as you MIGHT encounter someone (not yet in my years in Colorado) — probably a liberal, or even a CCer (!) — who doesn’t like you OCing and wants to say so, but again, should you choose to educate your critic, you can do that, or, just walk away…and let them accept the consequences for being unarmed/not taking personal responsibility for their own (and family’s) protection and see how THAT works out for them someday (which probably will be just another news story on TV about another crime victim — some people NEVER wise-up, so let them be).

    But NO NEED TO APOLOGIZE for exercising a RIGHT in your own Free State (a state allowing OC, preferably with no permit required), which is the TRUE exercise of the 2nd Amendment/RKBA: No “permission slip” required…just OC! And certainly no need to apologize to someone who is “uncomfortable” seeing your gun. Perhaps he/she suddenly realizes he/she can’t even defend him/herself, let alone their family…so yeah, I’d feel uncomfortable being a foolish clueless victim waiting to happen, too — why should we NOT exercise a right because it make the clueless “uncomfortable?

    But that’s THEIR problem feeling inadequate and vulnerable, not yours.

    Sadly, most CCers are too timid to deal with anyone who MIGHT disapprove — even if it’s a disapproving look they get — let alone stand up for their RIGHTS when questioned…so they refuse to OC in order to avoid “confrontations” with anti-gun people. Okay…but they’re not helping “The Cause” by hiding (not doing any D&E) and if they’re THAT wimpy re: the RKBA, then maybe hiding is best for them. And for the rest of us, too.

    The VERY LEAST CCers can do, however, is not criticize OCers.

    Besides, as the public sees “more guns on the street” — and nothing bad happens — that D&E OCers are doing ALSO helps CCers, as when it comes time to vote for some anti-gun legislation or anti-gun politician, the general public isn’t likely to be as (irrationally) afraid of people carrying guns as they may have been earlier. They may even get so know some of the “regular” OCers, when they see them come into a business, restaurant, or whatever. All the CCers that may be there at the time (if any) or who have come into the same places regularly for YEARS even, have had ZERO impact on the managers & staff. But just one OCer — because everyone SEES the gun (customers included, IF they even notice — many don’t) can make a difference in “relaxing” said managers & staff AND customers that yes, a “non-cop-gun” is “in the house” but nothing bad happens! AND, it’s perfectly LEGAL for a citizen to carry one! In fact, SOME of those people may become carriers themselves. Even if only CCing, at least they CARRY. And instead of someone previously being neutral or even hostile to carrying guns, they now are likely at least to lean pro-gun.

    That’s at least SOME progress being made, yes?

    So while the MAIN reason some “sterner stuff” people OC is to protect themselves (the VERY SAME as CCers) — that’s a GIVEN, yes? — they also see the Bigger Picture, AND, OCers help “The RKBA Cause” by getting the word out. And the only way to do that is to “go public” — by OCing in public, so people SEE your gun ON you. There’s no other way…

    As for the 6-8 OTHER reasons to carry a gun (CC and/or OC), that’s another topic/article, but the 2 reasons I stated here — D&E — is what differentiates an OCer from a CCer.

    Besides, AMERICA isn’t like any other country in the world…why the heck would we even WANT to be? America is the ONLY country in the world with our particular Constitution and Bill of Rights…ONE of which is the 2nd Amendment. Why not stand up and EXERCISE that right, and let people — locals and tourists (very likely from slaves/serfs/subjects anti-gun countries) — SEE our rights in practice, what makes America NOT like any other country in the world…and makes NO APOLOGIES for it whatsoever!

    Those serf/slave/subject countries want America to be as helpless, vulnerable, pathetic and disarmed as they are. Let’s not. ;-)

    As has been said, “A right not exercised is a right lost.” If people don’t exercise OCing — or the general public doesn’t even see it being practiced — that right may one of the ones lost because “We don’t need that right anymore” or “I never see anyone doing that anyway.” So see no reason(s) NOT to vote FOR some legislation/politician to outlaw it.

    And as per the related saying, “The 2nd Amendment protects all the others,” we really can’t afford any further infringements upon it — and SHAME on the SCOTUS for not doing its JOB in allowing all the infringements so far!


    So…there’s a WHOLE LOT MORE to OCing than just a visible gun on someone.

    WAY more.

    Wise-up CCers and get The Big Picture! Lose the skewed tunnel-vision…and stop parroting so-called “gun experts” giving silly lame (and typical LIBERAL) reasons against OC. The general public has an excuse for its gun ignorance — “gun people” do not.

    So, CCers, at least SOMETIMES, get out there and OC!

    And yes, we — CCer and OCer — are ALL in this together…

    — BR

    • Chris Leaver

      Thank you Bill! See my post below as well.

    • chris

      Your huge wall of text is exactly why I do not OC and prefer CC. I have my gun for personal protection. I am not interested in doing my part to educate, desensitize or change the opinion of the community around me. I don’t want anybody to know that I have a gun (except for the person that figures it out). I don’t want to have a conversation with people on the street about the second amendment. I don’t want to be approached by random people at all. I am fine with the general public being exactly how they are. I will be how I am and I do not need to change or be the element of change in their lives. I find that most people can care less about most arguments that are directed towards their personal opinion. You can talk for days provide a wall of text. Most people’s opinion are theirs and you are not going to sway them. OC is for people in rural areas, people with to much time on their hand, or people that place priority of comfort over concealment.

  • Concerned_Citizen2002

    I have to agree with the author. NO ONE needs to know if I carry. The element of surprise can level a very un-even playing field. Besides, I really don’t want to get “SWATTED”. Where I live, it would most likely happen. Open carry, concealed carry, it really makes no difference, as long as you are a law abiding, RESPONSIBLE person, and you follow your conscience. There are advantages to both, and cons for both. We need no more recriminations between us folks who carry, as we get enough BS from the anti’s.

    • Bill Redding

      It sounds like you’re too afraid/timid (of being “swatted,” etc.) to OC (like most CCers) — and although that’s a sad place to be mentally/emotionally, that’s how it IS in your case (and confirm one of my earlier points). So please don’t OC as you couldn’t handle doing so and just mess OCing up for the rest of us. Thank you for your agreement & cooperation…

      News Flash: There’s no “element of surprise” EXCEPT in one very particular scenario. Otherwise, it doesn’t exist — as we OCers keep trying to tell CCers. I assure you that were *I* a criminal and chose YOU for my victim (not seeing a gun on you I probably would, besides already casing you as a timid individual and easy victim) — and if I didn’t shoot you right up front you’d have zero chance of “deploying” your “element of surprise” — YOU’D be the one surprised. And since I’d know lots of people CC nowadays, I’d watch you like a hawk — you even TWITCH going for your “element of surprise” I’d shoot you. That is, if *I* were a criminal…

      But please continue to believe in that particular “element of surprise” fairy tale if you wish. And the other anti-OC fables, also. Most CCers do so you’re just average in that respect…

      These aren’t “recriminations” against CCers, just stating facts. CCers can’t offer invalid, nonsense, lame, baseless and ignorant reasons NOT to OC and expect to get away with it without contest. And yes, we get enough of it from the anti-gun people, but OCers (unfairly) get the very same from MOST CCers — supposedly, “brothers/sisters in arms.”


      As I said…OCers get the Big Picture — CCers don’t. And apparently, MOST don’t even WANT to get it.

      OCers get CCing, but CCers don’t get OCing.

      Which group needs the education? [a rhetorical question]

      “You can lead a camel to the oasis, but you can’t make it drink.” ;-)

      — BR

      • Bill Redding mom

        Swatted = fucked with, he doesn’t want to be noticed has better things to do than talk with people all day about OC.

        Gun owners are allowed to have different opinions than you. You are not right you are just a guy with to much time on your hands.

  • Jason H

    I happen to agree with all of your points Brandon! To each their own though…open carry if that’s your thing. Just sharing reasons why some of us don’t. If we can’t have this conversation in a productive fashion with members of our own community – I’m not sure who we can have it with!

  • Rick Martin

    I do not open carry for the same reasons! When I have, it has drawn the wrong kind of attention! No one needs to know I am carrying! What is important, is that I go to the range often and work on being prepared! However, I will say this, when I have seen a woman open carry, with a nice firearm on her hip, it is damn sexy! Lol

  • Glenn Hamilton

    Come on guys. Everyone has their own opinion. Show some respect for someone else’s beliefs. I know you do not want to hear this but his reasons are spot on. Plain and simple. You are tactically better off hiding a firearm for a bunch of legit reasons. You do not impress anyone with open carry, you just get the public nervous and afraid. Is that what you want? They vote, and pretty soon you are not carrying either way.
    You put yourself at risk with the criminal element knowing you are carrying. That is foolish.

    • OneOfTheGoodGuys

      You’re about to get blasted by the OCers! I have no problems with OC. I just don’t think it should be their mission to proselytize the rest of us. Let each carrier make their own informed decision and carry on.

  • OneOfTheGoodGuys

    “Anytime we cover anything relating to open carry, a war plays out in the comments section of the post and article. Just watch. This time will be no different.”

    Your prediction was right my friend!

    • Bill Redding

      GoodGuy, we’ve already covered that at the very beginning…please do keep up.


      • OneOfTheGoodGuys

        At the beginning, there were not enough comments for me to have confirmed to Brandon his prediction was accurate. I think you quoted him to be snarky. I was quoting him to say “you were right Brandon.”

        Damn! He sucked me in again!

        [edit] :)

        • Bill Redding

          You sound angry…I’d feel better if you put a smilie emoticon after that…

          — BR

        • Bill Redding


  • Icedman

    Allow both, let the person choose. There are situations for both.

  • Frank H Alford

    I have had very little negative reaction when I have open carried. In fact it has given my the opportunity to educate those that do know the gun laws. I have gotten question like: “Are you a Cop?”, “Is that legal?”, “Don’t you need a permit for that?”. I have taken these opportunities to answer the questions and inform them of the laws in our state and parish.

  • Sean OSullivan

    I actually agree with all of these points. People can get all butt hurt about OC vs. CC. I’ve lived in open carry states, and concealed carry. I personally don’t want to draw attention to myself, or my family. I have zero issue if someone wants to carry open, I believe that is their right as Americans. That being said, this is a legitimate issue. People need to be cognizant of the fact that yes, if someone with bad intentions comes into an establishment and sees you with a gun, you are now the target once things get started. Better to keep them wondering.

    • Bill Redding


      Please THAT has been debunked YEARS ago! That’s partly what “all of these points” here are saying!

      I think those “scientists” on Myth Busters did a show on it back then! ;-)

      Theory: “OCers are targets.”
      MythBusters: False!

      Perhaps even Snopes debunked it, too…;-)

      — BR

      • BR should get a life

        So if you went into a liquor store and you had the intention of robbing the place and saw a guy OC what would you do? If it was me I would either disarm him or just end the threat.

  • Bobby Adams

    We could eliminate everyone of those arguments if everyone OC’d. Why would I hide my right? A right not exercised is soon lost, when people don’t see guns, they become afraid of them. CCers should be thankful to those who are brave enough to face public criticism.

    • Bill Redding


      Yes, you get it!

      It’s much like the OCers in Texas (mainly OCT = “OpenCarryTexas”) who because of their OCing LONG-GUNS in order to get the public’s (and politician’s) attention — i.e., protesting not having handgun OC in Texas, especially when ALL the states around TX DID have it — they helped bring exactly that about, even if it isn’t official until January 2016.

      OCT caught all kinds of flack/vocal criticism (even from the NRA and the Texas TSRA) for OCing long-guns as they did…even though most of their critics were so clueless they didn’t even KNOW OCing a LONG-gun was the ONLY legal way to OC ANY gun in TX, as OCing HANDguns was ILLEGAL — since 1871!

      But despite their very vocal armchair critics (including MOST CCers BTW) in TX and other states, they persevered anyway. And played a big part in bringing the OC of handguns back to TX.

      Good for them…

      The only problem is Gov. Abbott didn’t do HIS part — demanding a much better OC Bill (unrestricted OC, as in other Free States) to sign — so he signed a restrictive OC bill instead (requires a CC permit to OC). He wimped-out. TX will be just like OK in this respect.

      I just hope in the VERY near future, Texans can get improvements to OC passed — first & foremost: The UNpermitted right to OC.

      I probably never understand (because it’s impossible) why an American citizen’s RIGHTS depend upon which state he/she lives in: One can exercise the 2nd Amendment/RKBA in SOME states but not others (take a look at HIGHLY restrictive Hawaii for one sorry example). IMO, the Bill of Rights — including the 2nd Amendment/RKBA — applies to ALL Americans, and regardless of what state they live in. States that do NOT allow this right to be exercised are unconstitutional…and the SCOTUS is to blame for that as it’s not doing its job as outlined — in the very same Constitution.

      — BR

      • don’t listen to bill

        I haven’t open carried in my state yet it still exist.

    • Рон Джамин

      Philosophically, I agree.

  • Rooster Cogburn

    I’ve been viciously attacked by “Concealed carriers” simply for
    stating that I’m all for open carry, in every state, and unregulated. Am I not supposed to fight back?
    Am I supposed to tuck my tail and cower in distress? HA! Not gonna happen. My dad raised me to be a fighter, and and the Army furthered that notion, so stand my ground I will. But my father also taught me to not be closed minded. To always consider the other sides story instead of acting out on my own beliefs. Which i try my best to do. And not to pick a fight, but I have met very few concealed carriers who are open to the idea of open carry, and will fight tooth and nail to cram THEIR point of view down your throat until you see things their way. And sorry, it’s just not in me to accept such mentalities. That sort of mentality is borderline extremist. It should be up to the individual to choose for themselves. Freedom of choice is just one principal that made this country great.

    Myself, I would prefer to open carry…or conceal carry IF I CHOOSE TO. And I shouldn’t have to pay a fee, buy a license, or go on any sort of list whatsoever to do so. I am more for the whole constitutional carry thing, since that is the way the 2nd is written, and is exactly how the founders intended it to be. All able bodied men armed at all times. They did not specify HOW we must carry, just that we must be “at all times armed”.

    • John Smith

      You sound a little discouraged, so… I’m an exclusive CC. But, if it is legal for you, I’m fine with your OC. I agree it should be legal everywhere. It should also be socially acceptable. You continue to exercise your legal choice, and let’s all hope cooler heads prevail. The debate, and any animosity, between OC and CC is a shame because the real fight should be keeping our Constitutional rights, as you said in your third paragraph.

  • Jim Screws

    I have no problem with open carry. Will I openly carry? Probably not. However, I won’t have a fit when I see someone that does……………..

  • Agree on all points regarding your reasons for not open carry. That said, I understand why some folks want to open carry. It is more of a statement in support of the 2nd. Amendment.

  • ABeagleKnots

    The best reason to open carry is to help change the hearts and minds of society. To help worried people (voters) realize after the desensitizing effect of exposure that when ordinary people carry guns, NOTHING BAD HAPPENS. Yes, open carry might be less effective for self defense, but it is good for society. Next time you see an open carrier, thank him of her for his personal sacrifice fr the betterment of society.

  • Bill Redding

    The reasons that CC is benefitial are listed in this article. OC is beneficial for comfort and to cause conversations about you having a gun. But, I am not a fan of talking to strangers.


  • Рон Джамин

    tactically, I like CC better.

  • Support The 2nd

    Here is my $0.02. Concealed carry has NEVER and will NEVER stop a crime. It only gives the person carrying concealed a possibility at reacting AFTER the crime has occurred. The author has really only given three reasons:

    #1: You didn’t stop the crime, it occurred. Now you need to figure out IF you want to react.

    #2: You don’t like/want the attention. If open carry is too stressful, how do you expect to handle the stress of an actual defensive use.

    #3: First to be shot: There is no credible evidence that this has ever happened.

    #4: Is actually the same reason as #2

    #5: Is actually the same as #3

    Now, go read mainsails well thought out argument in support of open carry, and then do as he/she requested and post a well thought out argument instead of this BS:

    • OneOfTheGoodGuys

      if an armed female shoots and kills a rapist with a concealed weapon before he rapes her I think she will have prevented the crime of rape. I’m not interested in converting OC guys to CC, so why are the OC guys trying to convert everyone from CC to OC? Let everyone carry the way they see fit (provided that way is legal in their location).

      • Support The 2nd

        OneOfTheGoodGuys IF the woman is attacked and then reacts, you have made my point, she is already the victim of a crime. The reaction may prevent her being a victim of a worse crime. Once a female is attacked, she is now the victim of a crime. IF she then uses a concealed firearm to stop the attack prior to rape, that is a good thing, BUT she is still already a victim.

        If a woman carries openly, sending a clear message to the would be attacker that she will terminate with extreme prejudice any illegal action the would be attacker might take, and thus the attack never occurs, then the woman is NOT a victim of any crime.

        Ask 100 women, would you like to be attacked and be able to defend yourself with a concealed gun, or would you rather not be attacked at all because you “open carry.” I think we all know what the results will be.

        • OneOfTheGoodGuys

          Glad I helped you make your point. It’s made me forsake CC forever. I’m going out right now to by an OWB holster and throw these Alien Gear holsters in the trash! I’m converted!

          • Dan Muller

            Alien gear makes a nice holster.

  • ka1oxd

    There is a time and place for everything! OC v CC is an argument that can go back and forth. But there is good and bad in both. I have seen CC carriers who do not pay attention to situational awareness since they are CC. OC carries also seem that because it is carried open, that others are watching them. The argument that it is easier to draw when needed when OC over CC. But lets look at one issue that is really the point. For all those who CC or OC, how many times have you ever had to draw? OC v CC is really nothing more than a personal preference. If I am going into a rough area like Hartford CT, I prefer CC. When I am out of the large cities I either CC or OC.

  • Clay Cooper

    Stood at the counter this morning ordering breakfast at a local gas station which had a no guns allowed sign while talking to a Deputy Sheriff he had no clue I was carrying a full size 45.

    Open carry is like a swimming suit, there’s certain places you just don’t go into.

    As for the gas stations no guns allowed? It was in response of a pin head open carry self anointed activist doing a show and tell this is my God given right to carry.

    By the way, I do have permission by the Manager and City Police to carry in this establishment.

  • All for 2

    Ok for all you people who have opinions on oc vs cc here’s a story for you I’ve carried both open and concealed and one day I chose to open and my neighbor threaten to burn his house down and the police show up so as I pull in to my drive way I see the commotion and choose to go over let me remind u I was perfectly legal in the way I was carrying and the police were at my neighbors house for a domestic as I approached them to check on the family next door an officer spotted my weapon drew his own and ordered me to the ground and cuffed me searched me and took my weapon from me did an Ncic on me and my weapon and then I was released not sure if this was legal but it happened so now I never open carry I was there for the welfare of my neighbors and feel my rights were violated so just remember u become a target even if u are a law abiding citizen

    • EagleF15

      Wow, that sounds like a scary incident. Evidently it scared all the punctuation out of your body. Seriously, it was almost impossible to read. Who writes an entire paragraph as one giant sentence?

    • PavePusher

      Lawyer time.

    • Dan Muller

      I hope you sued them to convince them to start following the law.

  • EagleF15

    Wow. I hope this guy doesn’t compose arguments for a living. This is the same reason, stated 5 slightly different ways. Reading the title, I was certainly expecting more.

  • Cecil Howard

    Your article is full of holes. Your first reason is nonsence. Element of surprise is aomthing you and instructors brainwash people with. Im a combat vet who had his guns exposed. Im good at it. Now to your elament of surprise. Read the FBI stats on when a robbery accrues. It takes anywhere from 7 to 8 seconds to take place. It takes your brain 3 seconds to respond. Now we are left with 4 seconds left. Time you pull your gun out another 2 or3 seconds ticks of. Bamm you are dead. Openly carryiing a gun in thoes 3 seconds you have already pulled you gun out and have ingaged. Jeff Cooper said it best. You never fight in a defensive mode. Only offensively. You will get people killed with that element of surprise. SSG CECIL HOWARD DISABLED VET.

  • Ranger

    In my state, open carry is a right, not a state-granted privilege. I prefer exercising my rights compared to doing something the state “graciously allows” me to do. I especially open carry while on a motorcycle. I don’t need my pistol wrapped in my jacket or vest if I should need it. If I need my pistol, I need it with a minimum of bother and be able to get to it one-handed and without looking for it. I have to keep my eyes on the road and one hand on the handlebars. Open carry allows me to do this much easier than carrying concealed.

    Also, open carry allows me the one thing that concealed carry doesn’t…education. While it scares some people, open carry allows me the chance to educate people as to what their gun rights are. People ask about how it is legal, what permit is necessary, how long has it been legal, where they can carry, etc.

    If concealed carry is so much better for defense, why don’t we get our cops and military to carry concealed? The plain truth of the matter is that open carry is much faster getting a pistol for defense than concealed carry. I’m one of those who doesn’t care how you carry as long as you do. But, vilifying one style of carry over another is something the pro-gun groups have to stop. You aren’t going to gain any friends in the anti-gun camp and you are going to alienate those of us who do carry any way we legally can.

  • Pat

    To me, attacking the author is mind-blowing. Claiming that the author is “wrong” is mind-numbing!! How can the author be wrong? It’s his/her OPINION. If your opinion is that dogs make better pets then cats – who am I to disagree? And for the record – I agree with the author; however, I believe it should be legal to open carry in every jurisdiction in the U.S. [then it should be an individual choice whether to do so or not].

  • This right here is one of those articles that does nothing for the firearms community but spread false information and rhetoric.

    The pro-CC crowd jumped on the bandwagon of being against OC many years ago with these awful sounding things that would happen. None of them did. So continuing to spread bad info is just wrong.

    If you don’t like it write a quick article that says “I don’t like OC, it isn’t for me…” But don’t keep putting tired and false information out there just because you might not agree.

    As someone who has open carried for years, I have had one negative encounter when a CA transplant got all scared and butt hurt and called the cops. The encounter went fine, I didn’t get shot or arrested. But there is this stigma that every encounter will be like those you see on youtube, and really that’s just not the case.

    Don’t vilify something with what you are pushing as facts. Not one of these, with the exception of the guy who got robbed for his firearm, has any factual basis to it beyond what some ardent CC instructor spewed forth at a training class once and then someone posted online.

    This right here is exactly what is wrong with the firearms community. So willing to give up someone else’s right to something just because they don’t like it or it “isn’t for them…”

  • Team Player

    The same reasons I would never open carry :-)

  • Steve

    I am one of the either way is fine with me guys, though I usually carry concealed. When I do OC, my wife and kids and why I am. I can’t really think of a foolproof tactical reason to do so, it is normally just a comfort thing when it happens. Regardless it is in the same spot on my waistline every day, and I know where the first shot will be hitting when I press the trigger. I say whatever works best for each individual is what works best for them. Be responsible, and be ready.

  • Moses George

    It seems to me that there was this one dude a really long time ago that wrote some obscure book that essentially became the bible for military tactics, and he seemed to think the element of surprise was pretty key… I think it was called “the art of war” by sun tzu? (Sarcasm) I carry concealed because I’ve seen many times, in UTAH, a fairly pro gun state, OCers who go into public places and inevitably it causes a panic for someone, cops get called, tell OCer to leave because they’re disturbing the peace (which is exactly what you are doing, regardless of how you think people shouldn’t be terrified by guns, that is their opinion after all) if OCer refuses to leave they are then breaking a law: trespassing. It’s a right to carry a gun, but it’s also a right for people to live in peace regardless of race, creed, religion, politics, etc… By carrying open you’re definitely making a statement, but is it the right one? As far as CC v OC, I fall with the masses, tactically it makes more sense to me, and I think that someone who thinks only of making his point and not caring about others is a petty, selfish asshole who isn’t doing any favors for pro carry. As far as our “war” on the post let’s remember we’re all essentially on the same side, remember we’re all Americans , and remember the quote “I may not agree with your opinion, but I’ll defend to the death your right to have and express it ”

    Just my 2 cents —

  • Dan Muller

    My humble rebuttal. 1. I OC cross-draw at 10:30. Hardly anyone ever notices that I am carrying. 2. Hardly any ever notices that I am carrying. 3. Hardly any ever notices that I am carrying. 4. Hardly any ever notices that I am carrying. 5. Hardly any ever notices that I am carrying.

    Everyone needs to carry the way that works best for them. If I worked behind the counter at a 7-11 I would not OC at work. If I did and someone was in there to rob the place he would shoot me straight away. On the street, theives look for soft targets. If they happen by chance to see my XD40SC they will not consider me a soft target and will continue their hunt.

    • Edward Frederick Barff

      Never…carry as cross draw. At close range.your arm can be pinned!! And your a dead man!!

      • Dan Muller

        That’s a straw man. No matter how or what you carry you can get your arm pinned, if you are really bad at situational awareness. And it’s you’re a dead man.

  • Edward Frederick Barff

    Im 73…I’ve open and concealed carried over 58 yrs. For me open so much more comfortable. Faster to get your gun into action..and I believe is a visual detergent to all who are not hardened criminals!! And you can quickly conceal it if you have too….but as the author said the important thing. I carry a tarsus m85 38 SPL.+p in my pocket..its so comfortable I forget its there..

  • TwoTon

    Couldn’t agree more. Well said. Carry on.

  • William C Powell

    my thoughts exactly. open carry has 2 main advantages or reasons. 1) to make a political statement and 2) to “deter.” To ccw i blend in, am not a target more than anyone else, and as you said, if im in a bad situation, i have surprise on my side. well said.

    • Dan Muller

      If you find yourself in a bad situation the element of surprise has already played out, and you are not the one who had it.

  • Jeff

    Article is 100% correct! I have been carrying concealed 24/7 nationwide for over a decade and I will only open carry in military/police uniform or while camping, hiking, hunting, or fishing in the middle of nowhere where open carry works best!

  • William Snapper

    I like open carry, because I CC.
    I would rather have the OC catch the eye of a potential shooter first, I think it would give me an edge if things went bad. Just saying.

    • Dan Muller


  • David Bitterman

    Where’s the war at and can we open carry to it or do we have to come concealed? Lol

  • Frank

    I CC but due to my size it sometime shows the barrel. I sometimes print my weapon also. With OC it would not be a problem like it is now. I have been with someone who had a weapon and the LEO’s eating lunch at the same place said he needed to cover it up. Again if you had OC then a partial weapon showing would not get you in trouble.
    I know the push-back I will receive. I find as a bigger guy it is hard to keep covered. Carrying IWB is not an option for me. A Fannie PAC is not me. So I will take the feedback BAD or GOOD.

  • C. D. Carney

    Open Carry is kinda neat if a large portion of people do it. Being the only one in a crowd makes you suspect. If it’s like Israel and there’s a beach full of bikinis and M-16s, it’s a different story.

    • Dan Muller

      How does it make the OCer suspect? Suspect of what? People up to no good do not OC. They hide their weapons.

  • Rob Doyon

    Your five reasons seem like one reason. I support a citizen’s right to choose so of course I support yours. I live in Texas where it’s illegal to open carry a handgun until after January 1st. Here when it’s 115 degrees outside and I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt it’s exceptionally difficult to carry a full sized firearm without it showing and it most certainly will be printing. This leaves Texans who don’t wear exceptionally baggy clothes left with few options that include sacrificing capacity and comfort of use by choosing a tiny hand gun or choosing to likely print or inadvertently expose their full size gun accidentally. While concealing a full size handgun is not impossible I have found it to be uncomfortable, sitting, bending over, etc causes the wearer pain pretty much wherever they put it around the waist line during daily activities. My open carry holster on the other hand is exceptionally comfortable and does not stab my stomach or crotch nor put lots of pressure on my bony hips as I am thin person. While Texas has no printing requirements or laws, females choosing to wear fairly form fitting clothing have even more issues when trying to conceal carry a handgun on their person and until January many of them are forced to utilize off body carry which does not provide good access to your firearm nor adequate retention. I do have a friend who chooses to conceal carry a miniature LCP comfortably in his pocket and that is sufficient for him, personally I’d rather comfortably carry my Glock 17 with an additional magazine giving me 32 rounds to defend myself vs his 7.

  • KCK

    As a male, he might have a point. But, being an older female, it doesn’t matter. Concealed, I’m still considered a ‘soft’ target. Open, I might be a target if someone wished to steal my weapon. But, open, I’m no longer a soft target. Nothing is completely ‘safe.’ But for a lot of women, that extra time needed to retrieve a concealed weapon can make a huge difference.

  • oldsoftshoe

    And as gun fire is not always accurate, when you open carry you also make a target of anyone near you. Just as you would when you take out your gun in that imaginary scenario where you come to the rescue and save little Nell from Snidely Whiplash. You cant use the gun if it is still concealed. The real advantage of the concealed weapon is that you can fail to come to the rescue of the bank teller, and no one knows you chickened out.

  • grendal113
  • Peter Sikes

    So, are there any data to support your ideas? BTW, all of your points have the same basic claim, you want to surprise the bad guy when you shoot him. Wouldn’t it be better for him to know you have a firearm so he will avoid you?

  • Freedom?

    All good points.

    All opinions.

    Tell me. Do you think cops or the military should follow your advice?

  • Bob

    With all the liberals in my home city of Minneapolis there is now way I would open carry now days even tho we are an open carry state. There is too many Muslims Mexicans and Hindus living in this city that would quickly call the cops if they saw you walking down the street open carrying. I don’t need to trouble from anyone while walking to work or whatever I may be doing.

  • Dawn Appelberg

    So you carry but are ashamed to let people know….good to know. I open carry so everyone knows and realizes this mom is not a victim. My children are safer as well.

  • syzito

    Article states my position exactly,as a retired LEO I never carried open when off duty, no logical reason to do so. I prefer to blend in the crowd and only let someone know I’m armed when I decide to let them know. I don’t like being surprised,I prefer to do the surprising.

  • Trypno

    I live in Colorado where it’s legal to open carry without a license. You can also carry a handgun concealed in a vehicle without a permit in this state, as a vehicle is considered an extension of your home.
    Sometime after I got my first handgun, and a decent retention holster, but before I got my CCP, I often open carried everywhere I could. I honestly didn’t much like the attention I got while exercising my right to carry, it made me uncomfortable having people ask me about my firearm, culminating in an experience with a very intense guy at a Wendy’s who seemed utterly fascinated by it, and not in a good way.
    Once I got my CCP and was able to cover up the firearm, all those feelings that I had before, like people were zoning in on my firearm, disappeared once I was able to blend in again. I take a lot of comfort knowing that I won’t likely be an immediate target should something happen, that I may have a chance to find cover, deploy my firearm calmly, and assess the situation from there.
    I havent’t stopped open carrying completely though, as I said, I live in Colorado. I often go hiking in the mountains, where the possibility of bear, cougar, and surprise turkey (no joke, but I doubt you’ll need to shoot a panicking turkey lol) encounters are very real. In those situations, the need to rapidly deploy your firearm is an absolute necessity.
    I understand the arguments for open carry, and have open carried numerous times as an advocate for those arguments, but in the end, I feel far more comfortable blending in and concealing, rather than feeling the burn and scrutiny of the public focusing on my gun. I don’t know the public well enough to be able to predict what someone may try to do to me while open carrying, so I, personally, would rather not take the risk.

  • Doug Packer

    Open carry and the criminals will see you and go elsewhere

  • Anthony

    I agree with about half of your points. I wouldn’t wanna be that guy either: the one who always has a gun in a holster. Gives a weird vibe off.

    However, not having a gun on you wouldn’t lessen your chance of becoming a target as opposed to having one. The other way to look at it, as you stated, would be to say that your gun could protect you in a situation or stop the crime from progressing.

    I mean, if we’re ordered to get on the ground by armed robbers, why not just stand your ground, pull the gun out, call 911 and do what you can to help everyone? Lay there and wait for them to go for you first because you have a firearm you wouldn’t use anyways? You’d just lay on the ground?

    There are pros and cons to each side of the argument. Both sides have valid points. The hard part is finding a happy, safe medium on this issue.

  • Whoop93

    In my opinion, open carry will encourage some “bad guys” to see it as a challenge. Concealed carry allows one to have the ability to protect themselves without drawing attention. “Out of sight, out of mind.” That’s just my opinion. BTW, I am a life long firearms owner and I am a card carrying NRA member.

  • Ken Correnti

    And don’t forget the real possibility of someone snatching your firearm. You are an “opportunity” to a thief, criminal, or mentally disturbed person.

  • David Watkins

    You missed one of my real life experiences. Eating with my wife and adult step son who sometimes carries. 3 armed robbers storm the Long Johns restaurant all brandishing guns. 1 had a high cap magazine Glock, 1 had a 45, and one had a MAC. They hadn’t fired a shot, they were just intimidating everyone. My largest fear was my stepson pulling out his gun. I realized that with a 5 round .38 snub nose there was no way that I could possibly disable all 3 before someone else got shot, and with the distances involved I was pretty sure that while I could hit 2 of the robbers, the 3rd was 30 some feet away and I might miss but I definitely couldn’t guarantee a kill shot with a 1″ barrel at that distance. There are times not drawing is the most prudent solution, and by being concealed I had that option.

  • Craig Moore

    I hate to disagree but respectfully, I do. While I think the most important thing here is that you do carry, open carry does not necessarily make you a target any more than concealing gives you an edge.
    First as stated in #1, how likely is the bad guy going to notice you in a crowd of people with all that adrenaline before you notice the threat?
    Second, if this is true then why do military, police etc. not conceal? They want quicker access.
    To say a criminal would not shoot a cop because he was a cop but would shoot an armed citizen because he was armed does not seem to make sense. Do we really thing a little longer of a prison sentence will cause the criminal to rethink his decision based on the victims profession?
    I see advantages and disadvantages in both modes but cannot honestly say one is better than the other. It depends on the scenario and the perps mindset.
    Most criminals would rather have an easy target and could simply find a new target without a shot being fired.
    Some of course are whackos who plan on killing in the course of the crime. In this scenario, again I reference #1 which states that he probably will not notice anyway…….so open or concealed will make no difference.
    To reiterate, the main thing is to carry if you have the priveledge and be aware of your surroundings so you see the threat hopefully before the threat sees you.
    My .02