This Guy Has A Problem With Concealed Carry, But Supports Your 2nd Amendment. His Reasoning? Wait For It…

A forum thread about concealed carry was sent to my inbox and while I usually don’t look at these, this one stood out to me for some reason… even before I clicked to read.

The OP, Punisher75, states his case for his disgust of concealed carry. However, he’s for open carry and 2A rights. Here’s his breakdown:

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First off I am all for the people right to keep and bare arms, but am totally against most forms of concealed carry.
Why you ask?
Because I am more in favor of Open Carry instead.
When I go into a store it would bother me to see that “bulge” of someones hidden firearm under their shirt.
Cause it seem like they are hiding something, like they don’t want people to know that they have a gun.

Open Carry is much more honest to me it says, “Hey I am just a guy standing here with my gun, I am not hiding anything and I am not up anything shady, I just happen to have my firearm with me.”

Maybe its just because I grew up in a town with like 300 total people in it and folks would walk down the street with their rifle and even go into the local country store with their gun to buy ammo, a coke and candy bar, before going out hunting or shooting.

Is it just me?
Maybe I don’t trust people enough who don’t want me to know they are armed.

– – – – – – – – – –

Punisher75 is scared of a bulge. It’s apparent. The concept to grasp here is that, maybe, a person is carrying concealed because they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. They don’t want people to know they’re armed.

The OP seems to be confusing the law-abiding vs the criminal. Is a criminal going to open carry in a state that allows it? Highly doubtful.

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