The CPX-2 from SCCY (pronounced Sky) firearms has gotten a ton of attention over the last year due to its’ size, price, and reported reliability. Here’s what I found since I’ve owned the gun:


Reliability is the number one factor for me when it comes to firearms; if everything else about a gun is great but it’s not reliable then it’s not a gun I want to own. The CPX-2 has 100% reliable with everything from cheap steel cased Russian ammo to quality defensive ammunition to include Hornady Critical Duty (135gr standard pressure), Federal HSTs, and Speer Gold Dots.


While the gun is relatively compact and light (weighs under 16oz unloaded) it does use a double stack, 10 round magazine so it feels better in the hand than  most of the new single stack guns that have been so popular in the past couple years. It comes with 2 magazines, 1 with an extended finger rest base pad and one with a flat base pad. The width of the grip does help alleviate some of the recoil impulse generated from such a light gun by spreading the force across a larger area but the simple fact is the gun is still what some would call “snappy.”



The CPX-2 has a long, DAO trigger. It breaks around the 8-9 pound mark so it’s certainly not designed to be a target gun. But, with practice, it can be an accurate pistol at self defense distances.



The gun comes in two basic configurations, the CPX-1 which has a thumb safety, and the CPX-2 which does not. Both have a MSRP of $319 and can be found for less in most gun shops and online retailers. Both the CPX-1 and CPX-2 are offered in a variety of finishes and frame colors so the end user can pick whichever configuration suits them best.   The pistols come with very usable 3 dot sights that are pretty nice considering the price of the pistol.


There’s a couple things I’d like to see offered on future generations of the pistol should SCCY choose to come out with a “CPX-3” or “CPX-4.” I’d like to see the addition of a light rail on dust cover of the frame.  The pistol is marketed as a “do all” type of gun that can serve in a concealed carry role as well as a home defense role and I think the addition of a 1913 rail would broaden its’ appeal to the home defense market. Additionally, if it’s possible within the design parameters to lighten the trigger pull while still keeping reliability I think that would improve the performance of the pistol in most shooters hands.   If the consumer didn’t feel comfortable with say a 5-6 pound pull then they could opt for the CPX-1 with the external safety for added piece of mind.

All in all, I think the popularity of the pistol will continue to rise.   For the money, getting a gun that is reliable and is backed by a lifetime warranty for around the $300 mark is tough to pass up for a lot of people looking for a “just in case I ever need it” type of gun.

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Mrgunsngear is a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and served in the USAF as well as the US Army, and has experience on a pretty wide variety…

Mrgunsngear is a graduate of the Massachusetts Criminal Justice Training Center and served in the USAF as well as the US Army, and has experience on a pretty wide variety of small arms. His YouTube channel can be found at

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  • tbeezi

    My safety lever broke now gun won’t fire wonder if there is a lifetime warranty on that

    • Rusty G

      100% lifetime warranty on the gun (not just the original purchaser).

      • tbeezi

        Thanks…now I have to figure how to go about getting it fixed

        • Travis Jay Patocka

          Just take it to your local gun store as they have a way to return firearms to gun manufactures via UPS or Fed Ex. I had an issue with one of my own pistols and it cost me around $25 for my gun dealer to send the firearm in for me (this included shipping to the manufacturer). Just look up SCCY’s website and see what they require for a return.

          • tbeezi

            I sent it to SCCY I have it back already thanks

    • Kevin Beckley

      Sccy has a life time warrenty. Call them and they will help you.

    • Arturo

      Try punctuation.

      • Monty Saylor

        Who gives a rats ass,except you,if he left out a comma or two.

  • David Sanders

    I carry one every day…. nice piece

  • dodger4754

    Just bought my new CPX-2 today and can’t wait to try it out. MSRP was $320 but the dealer is a friend, so got it for $300, including tax, and I traded in my (used when I bought it) Ruger P95 DC for $150, so the CPC-2 only set me back $150 cash. As a CCW permit holder, this is SO much more comfortable to carry concealed!

    • you got screwed, the SCCY is worth less than the Ruger you traded in.

      • gmt1234ful

        I gave my ruger away to a family member as a cheap birthday present! I would take the SCCY any day but thats just me.

      • John Wofford

        I wasn’t going to say it like that. He may have needed a CC gun more than a large frame. It could have been his budget or lack of a safety on the P95. It could have been any number of things but I will say that the Ruger was, with out question, worth more. I can understand where he’s coming from though. Hell, maybe he was just tired of it.

    • John Wofford

      I haven’t shot this gun yet but plan on getting one early next week. My local pawn shop has them in a Rainbow of colors for $250. I currently own a Ruger P97 DC (.45) and couldn’t imagine trading it for this gun. The DC doesn’t have a safety but a “de cocker” so maybe it was a safety issue for you. P95 is my glove box gun. I think I would have kept that Ruger. I’d be curious as to what he got or is asking for it. SOLID GUN!

      • dodger4754

        You don’t want that particular P95DC. It jammed on me regularly, which is why I traded it in. As to the CCY2, no jams so far and it’s very accurate. Do be aware though that it ejects the empty cartridges about 15 feet!

  • Terry Heagepath

    Just purchased a CPX-2 at Attwoods for $199.99 that was including the $25 rebate. Haven’t shot it yet. Well made but don’t see shooting it much at the range due to the trigger pull.

  • okaydokay

    I picked one up brand new i liked it over all, would have liked to have a safety feature (not the end of the world) and the trigger pull was a bit heavy. I liked it all yet regardless i sold it after i put maybe 40 rounds through it. The guy i sold it to called me 2 days later and said half way through his first mag something internal broke and the trigger was floating freely. Not sure if i would ever buy another at this point depending on what happens with customer service with him.

  • Michael Coop Cooper

    I had the Sccy cpx1 with the external safety until a few days.. And honestly I thought it was a good buy for the price… But there was a few things I didn’t like about it. For one I think I should have gone the other route and went with the cpx2 because the safety on the cpx1 kinda gets in the way! Literally!! Next I really didn’t care for the 8lb trigger nor the long trigger reset… I also wouldn’t recommend this gun for a female because of the heavy recoil, the accuracy was ok overall but definitely not the best, I honestly have owned a hi-point and it was way more accurate than this gun!!… But if I had to rate this gun overall it’s probably a 7 out 10 max!! But don’t just take my word for it try it for yourself and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about!

  • Marcus Gungeek

    I use the CPX 2 as an EDC, I shoot it at the range for practice all the time, I have had one or two fail to feed with Federal Aluminum case ammo, never with a FMJ, The trigger pull is a bit heavy but no problem for me. Recoil isn’t bad once you get use to it. Was shooting the Sky at the range and was also shooting a friends S&W 22lr
    when I pulled the trigger on the 22 I thought something was wrong since it never went off so I pulled the trigger again than i figured it was firing but it was not what I was use to. Was funny at the time. I give it a 10 I love my spX 2

  • ajfkdem

    $215 at Grabagun.

  • beachguyjim

    Great deal. Just bought a cpx 1 today for $285 tax included.

    • lucky43113

      i ended up not getting one bought a glock 19 instead

  • Michael

    August 9, 2015 at 23:37
    I have several SCCYs I am a firearms instructor and got them to teach students. They are great for that but I find myself carrying one as my CCW. I have several other handguns that cost more SIGs Glocks Smiths but the SCCY won me over stone cold reliable perfect size. Surprisingly accurate! simple simple is good for a CCW firearm.

  • gmt1234ful

    I bought the SCCY-2 for my concealed carry choice. I don’t see the trigger pull as a problem to accuracy if you know what your doing……first of all when you get home and sitting around in your recliner just dry fire i….I did this a few hundred times and the trigger pull lessened tremendously or else I built up my fast twitch trigger finger muscle lol…Seriously it helped the trigger pull noticably! When I was on the firing range qualifying I scored 247 out of a possible 250 that is putting 47 rounds in the bullseye and 3 outside but still in the 7 and 8 ring on the silloette target at 20- 25 steps. That’s not bad for a double action that started out with a 8-9 pound trigger pull but also technique has a great barring on accuracy and not too many use my technique but it is highly effective most specially with a double action.

  • Seniorshooter

    I have a cpx2 with less than 100 rounds thru it and the rear sight white dots fell out. I called their service department and they are sending me replacement sight no questions asked. Until receive I just colored in with white crayon. I have had no ftf or fte issues yet. The trigger needs getting used to but no different than da revolver. The edge of the trigger is a little sharp and the reset is long. Don’t wear gloves or it won’t reset.