This Guy Did A Pre-Trial Interview After Claiming Self-Defense. Don’t Be This Guy.

BLOOMFIELD HILLS, MI (4-minute read) – An incident in a Bloomfield Hills Kroger has escalated into a significant Second Amendment dispute, following a confrontation that led to felony assault charges against Isaiah Ware.

On Thursday, October 5th 2023, at 5:30 PM, Ware was shopping for dinner at the intersection of Long Lake and Telegraph roads when a minor collision at the self-checkout sparked a heated exchange with another shopper, Calvin Williams. Surveillance footage captured Ware, a concealed pistol licensee, drawing his firearm in what he says was a defensive reaction. His attorney, Neal Brand, argued that Ware’s actions were non-threatening, as he simply held his firearm without pointing it while holding his purchases in the other hand.

The situation cooled down, and Ware walked away, but the incident did not end there. Another shopper’s call to the police brought the Bloomfield Township Police to the scene. Although Ware did not point his firearm, the presence of other customers around him prompted an arrest and subsequent charge of assault with a deadly weapon by the Oakland County prosecutor’s office.

Brand contends that the charges are an overreach and a threat to the rights of legally armed citizens. He emphasized that further body camera footage showed Williams admitting he would have physically assaulted Ware had he not been armed, underscoring the defensive nature of Ware’s action. The attorney is now calling for an apology from the prosecutor’s office and for the charges to be dismissed, claiming Ware’s actions were within his legal rights under the Second Amendment.

The interview with Legally Armed America can be viewed below.

I would suggest that Ware’s best course of action would have been to de-escalate by walking away from the confrontation. Engaging in a dispute in a public space, particularly when armed, increases the risk of a volatile outcome. Furthermore, Ware’s public discussion of the incident before his trial could be seen as an attempt to sway public opinion, but it risks prejudicing his own legal defense.

In light of this situation, Ware’s actions highlight the importance of conflict avoidance, especially for those carrying firearms. By choosing to engage rather than retreat, Ware not only placed himself and others in potential danger but also jeopardized his legal standing in the ensuing charges.

Firearm Safety Tip: When carrying a firearm, prioritizing de-escalation and retreat in potential conflict situations is crucial. Maintaining control over one’s ego and emotions can prevent legal consequences and ensure public safety.

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