Lyft Driver Draws Gun On Passenger During Fight, Passenger Take Gun And Runs Off

KETTERING, OHIO — A physical altercation erupted between a Lyft driver and her passenger, culminating in a gunshot being fired. Kettering Police Department’s public information officer, Cynthia James, confirmed that there were no injuries. The confrontation began inside the vehicle when the female driver and male passenger started fighting, leading to the driver pulling out her firearm. This escalated into a struggle over the gun, resulting in one round being discharged.

Following the incident, the passenger fled the scene on foot from the Wilmington Pike Meijer, taking the driver’s Glock 17 handgun with him. The driver subsequently alerted the authorities by calling 911 from inside the store. Kettering police, aided by K9 units, have been actively searching for the suspect but have yet to locate him. The cause of the dispute remains unclear.

Investigators are currently trying to figure out the precise location where the shooting occurred, which happened inside the vehicle before they reached the Meijer store. This event underscores the potential dangers and unpredictable nature of rideshare services, highlighting the need for both drivers and passengers to remain vigilant and prioritize safety.

In addition, maintaining control over your firearm is crucial, and knowing when to draw is equally crucial. The entire details of this incident aren’t known, however maybe dashcam footage will come out one day so that we can learn more of what happened, since many rideshare drivers utilize these important pieces of technology.

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