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HYOG (Have Your Own Gun): Husband Finds Wife Shot, Charges Attacker And Fights Over Gun

ATLANTA, GEORGIA — A man and woman were inside a home when an argument broke out, which ultimately led to the man pulling out a firearm and shooting the woman. After the gunshot, another man inside the home, presumed to be the woman’s husband, came running into the room and charged at the man with the gun.

He had no other choice, because he apparently didn’t have a gun of his own.

The man who charged was shot once during a struggle for control over the gun. At some point, the second man got possession of the gun and fired at the first.

“At some point, during the struggle, the male victim shot the male suspect,” Sgt. John Chafee said. “The suspect then jumped out a window and succumbed to his gunshot wound in the backyard of the home.”

The two injured parties, the husband and wife, were taken to the hospital for treatment to non-life threatening gunshot wounds. Police say that no charges will be filed, and have classified this incident as “Felon Killed By A Private Citizen”.

The husband in this case is lucky to have been able to overpower the other man and gain control over the gun. Had he not, we could very well be looking at a double homicide with the bad guy getting away.

News reports aren’t clear as to who the man with the gun was, but did mention that the home in which this took place was used as a ‘rooming house’. Was he a friend staying at the home? An ex who stopped over for some final words? An occupant of another room? In any event, being cautious about the company we keep is important, but even more important is having ways to defend ourselves and loved ones in cases like this.

The outcome could have been different if both men were armed, but we’ll never know. I do know, however, that I like the odds better of being armed yourself verses relying on grabbing the bad guy’s gun.

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